Empowered to SAVE TIME by being Powered by BidMyVid®

by The Fix It Queen

October 10, 2021

The Fix It Queen™


Drive LESS, win MORE!

What does the drive cost?

Looking at a simple metric of actual time spent, cost of gas, insurance, wear and tear on the fleet, the management of inventory on the service vehicle, the cost to operate the business in overhead, etc. the cost of a “FREE ESTIMATE” to a micro to small business can range $80-$300+ on average. Calculating it in a business plan is a whole discussion.

Match that with competitive marketplace of instant gratification and you have the perfect recipe for endless hours of wasted time that drives the cost of service up when it involves a DRIVE.

Going the EXTRA MILE… but not driving it!

Service and Contracting Professionals are being pulled in ALL directions. Literally and figuratively. As the scarcity of masters in skilled trade becomes more obvious, the existing labor pool is over-burdened and not able to train new participants fast enough. Driving further to cover larger service areas and even FLIGHTS to other states due to lack of available skilled trades is something that is becoming the norm. Niche service professionals are being pulled into other markets and stretching into the overlap between skilled trades to solve the scarcity issues but rising demand for service and construction SKILLED LABOR.

As the advancement of digital solutions become a bigger part everyday life, service professionals are finding new ways to create a better quality of life. The methods of engineering have changed and so has the fabric of available skilled solutionists available and able to remedy challenges with new methods in approach.

As the building materials and engineer of them advance, it is crucial to save time for the counter part of installation and the skilled labor needed to do so. Using BidMyVid® is a way that skilled labor and contracting professionals can align on the highest level to source capabilities needed for issues across the nation. Our team is ready, willing and able to help deploy the tool your business to aid in the requests coming into your business. Managing other tasks that are more important to delivering services that handle the construction industry changes are possible with the time saved.

Construction is becoming harder to “service.”

Simplified and cost-effective building materials such as foam fabrication and 3-D Concrete print fabrication options come with challenging construction methods of installation. Standard and older building methods must change due to the growing gap in supply chains for the raw materials to finished building materials being limited. Housing developers attempting to innovatively solve housing shortages in various geographic locations that have different economic constructs create more marginal costs.

Overall, this is a conundrum of concern. At the intersection is the TRADES PROFESSIONAL. Bombarded with requests for help. Bombarded with “digital tools” for their business to help “it” run better. Bombarded with sales platforms offering more confusion. Bombarded with GUILT for not having enough TIME for what is truly important. For all the bombarding is the urgencies that need a simple solution. One overlooked as Trades Professionals hit a wall.

This wall comes in the collapse in building of STRONG BUSINESSES. Trades professionals enter the journey of service, it often comes without chance of higher learning or without bandwidth to hold all the details in. Learning skills on the job and training as an apprentice going to mastery of that skill can leave the business muscle under developed.

Building a better tomorrow starts today!

Building a business that builds things has it’s challenges. First off, trades pros know their tools but when growth occurs, it can expose weakness in systems and the use of them. Contractors and service businesses are using so many tools attempting to catch up to the digitization that has occurred it can leave things even more complex. Software to manage clients, software to mange marketing, software to manage reporting and bookkeeping, and perhaps none at all except the “spreadsheet” and notebook methods of our predecessors.

With any cluster or chaos of challenge, it is important to not be controlled or overwhelmed by its’ variables. It is important to know what is important. The value of time is the key to it all. With more time, learning all the various ways to run better business can happen in a moment. Saving time in your service business from those hours once spent “on the road” will lead to the needed time to work ON the service business instead of IN it without return. The fastest way to gaining the time back from driving endlessly is to use BidMyVid daily in your business to avoid unnecessary hours on the road that lead to NO WHERE!

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    Skip the DRIVE

    by The Fix It Queen

    October 8, 2021

    Contractor Stories


    Contractors have a CHOICE and it helps the bottom line for business and for projects!

    Send ballpark prices and skip the DRIVE!

    Gone are the days of giving a bid just to be under bid from service seekers.

    Real stories of a Contractor getting along:

    Client: Hi, I need a shower valve. Here is my shower situation.

    Contractor: Great, I can handle that, it will be between $350 and $450 depending on the fixture.

    Client: Thanks, I will let you know.

    10 Minutes Later

    Client: Hi, I need a shower valve replaced. I removed the drywall so the plumbing is accessible.

    Contractor: Great, it will be between $350 and $450 depending on the fixture.

    Client: ****** CRICKETS******** and no reply.

    Client: Shops the “$350” price to a new contractor and tries to get it for less.

    Contractor: Hi I am following up to see if you still need your valve taken care of.

    Client: Oh, thanks, but I had someone do it for $300. I appreciate you coming out though.

    Typically this would have lead to potential loss should the estimate be done in person. With BidMyVid® the option to SKIP the drive is available.

    Service seekers shopping pricing may not realize that the cost of the shop drive service rates up over time. This is how the cost of service is driven “down” in a way that adds to the challenges when driving to give these assessments. To often are we presented with a client who needs something but wants the price to be beaten to a “favor”able fee. Clients facing repairs in an unexpected turn are looking to get the most of their repair budgets. To often Service Professionals offer expertise only to find that is for nil and even at a loss if they spent time driving to assess the FREE ESTIMATE.

    In past, service professionals are either combating competitive shopping and adjusted prices or winning the work and having to return after the shopping is over. Either way it is costly to sustain when driving to assess a situation is part of the equation.

    Empowered to be Powered by BidMyVid® means better bottom line and saved time!

    We desire to EMPOWER Service Professionals. To offer strength and a way to give a helping hand in a digital solution. Skipping the drive to look at 1-3 projects per year saves enough in operations costs between wear and tear on fleet, ever increasing fuel costs, time in wages, business operations costs and more to pay for this evolutionary digital tool now available for your tool based business.

    Each time clients request for a comparison bid to be given, there are several service professionals that may be focused to earn the business. Each contractor taking a moment of time to drive and assess. Each contractor taking a moment of time to discuss the needs. Each contractor taking a moment of time to source and price and prepare a bid for acceptance; and for each moment taken, the client does the same, like a parrot, sharing the needs that must be addressed. This leads to countless time being wasted never to have value seen from the investment of that time. This can also lead to apples-to-oranges comparisons when details are left out from one conversation to another between the client and service professional.

    This can all be simplified by using BidMyVid® as a video portal tool to avoid the drives to assess and minimize the drives to address. Each contracting professional is given a private video portal that is accessible with a QR Code and Digital Link. Each time existing and new clients reach out, they can send the request directly to their favorite contractor.

    Contractors can place their links in any place digital. Social media, websites, blogs, groups or anywhere a link can be accessed. QR Codes are also available to place on mediums such as service vehicles, websites and business cards to keep it simple when connecting for service repairs.


    When you set up your service provider account, you will get your digital link as part of your APP accesses. Our Opportunities Success Team will create your BidMyVid landing page and embed your QR Code and basic links for you to share as a resource outside of your contractor profile within the app.

    You can use this to copy and past within your own website to educate your clients on how to reach you with a video submission. If you don’t have a website, this QR Page can help you land clients as it can serve as your business landing page to tell perspective clients the best way to reach you and save you both time.

    Download Today and Save the Drive Tomorrow!

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    No is NOT the answer!

    by The Fix It Queen

    October 7, 2021

    The Fix It Queen™


    Building a service business that is high demand can leave Contractors jammed.

    Finding ways to say YES is!

    “I don’t turn down work if I can manage it; there is just so much of it, it’s hard to get to.”

    John Phillips, Owner – Beaver Heating and Cooling LLC.

    Finding the pain points in our current service marketplace is not hard. Its finding contractors that have availability to come out that seems to be the challenge. Trying to find a contractor in a sea of digital lead platforms WILL leave you feeling less than supported and disconnected from service providers.

    It is a grueling path to ride; to bare the unforgiving pavement of never-ending hours on the road to assess projects. The wear and tear on the fleet and on the service professional is breaking the levy. But what if there were a better way to VALUE everyone’s time involved?

    DAM the work and build the reservoir!

    No more DAMN leads that cause service professionals to run ragged trying to service everyone in curiosity, let alone in necessity. Now there is a way to save time and use it in a resourceful way. It’s about time to DAM the needs and help in a way that truly addresses concerns and offers a chance to foster the building of trust. Dam the opportunities in a way they have a chance to be addressed. Build the reservoir in a way to mange the flow rather than be overrun by it.

    The breakdown of trust when calling for help is something that has been degrading for decades. The volume has not slowed but the trust breakdown has made it challenging to effectively complete service needs without the anxiety caused by the lack of trust. As digitization has happened and the continuation of pattern to have gratification instantly, it has left service professionals on the highway of endless margin loss and time loss. Twitching like road kill, the time to fix this challenge has come

    Saving Service Sanity by giving time back!

    Built for service business by service professionals, BidMyVid aims to give time back when it comes to getting repairs done in one take! Features that allow a deeper understanding as to who we are working with is the start to fostering the rebuilding of trust within the service marketplace. We are excited to EMPOWER service professionals in a way to offer the simple solution of video communication so trust has a chance to grow.

    As we continue to help contractors be “POWERED BY BIDMYVID” it comes with a loyal support team to help convert and secure opportunities. Chasing leads only adds to the cost of services rising and heightened anxiety. With digitization comes the opportunity to use if for good. To weave solutions that bring hope that things are possible with out the challenges to align ahead of time. No longer are LEADS a need. The true value comes in the support and care to help service businesses save time when it comes to running a smooth operation.

    Saving time by deploying the BidMyVid Contractor Portal QR CODE that allows clients, existing and new, to shoot a video to state what they need, to the offering business fundamental education in a slice of a moment as we sponsor the continuation of service business insight BUILT for service business, it is our goal to find all ways to give time back so service professionals can focus on what they do best, SERVE.

    Proud to SERVE!

    We are proud to be THE SERVICE BUSINESS built to serve service businesses. From the digital tool missing from tool belts everywhere, to key insight that supports the delivery of the services, we are there and what to help service professionals save time EVERYWHERE! Working with trades professionals to provide presence for their services is why we exist. When service business owners find themselves with not enough time to work on their business, that is a key indicator that it is time to save time and afford the extra time to strengthen the business as it grows.

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      Don’t have a moment to spare? To busy working IN your service business? Need time to work ON your service business?

      Download BidMyVid today and skip the drive tomorrow. Empowered with a QR Code and Digital Link to share with your clients, new and existing, receiving video repair request has never been easier. BidMyVid is the best video-business tool and software solution that saves time.

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      Drive Where?

      by The Fix It Queen

      October 6, 2021

      The Fix It Queen Academy™


      Offering time and insight comes at a cost as the time spent driving is often a hindsight shrinkage margin unaccounted for.


      BidMyVid doesn’t want you to be a Frustrated Driver off to give another estimate.


      As a former contractor as well as being blue-collar born, I know that driving is part of the territory. But it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be! Countless hours offering insight, on-site that compounds with the time spent driving adds up in a world of instant gratification with unrealistic time and budget expectations. Deploying BidMyVid® in your service business will allow a knowing in advance if the project is a fit for both parties and it has never been more important.

      Traveling miles and hours to assess projects can be costly. Clients dread the “ESTIMATE FEE” and Service Professionals can find themselves driving to no avail as projects are not a fit for the schedule or the available resource of each Service Professional.

      The landscape of service industry has changed in many ways. No longer are we needing ways to “BUY LEADS” and be RIPPED OFF from large Marketing Platforms because the way of SHARING BUSINESS is what has always prevailed. Admittingly it has taken time for our team to weave the right technology layers together to catch up to how we operate at a fundamental core as a service industry with ETHICS, so now BidMyVid® exists, it allows the next evolution of the dreadful “LEAD” to the now “Opportunity” shared.

      Contracting professionals have referred each other for eons as our dedicated and loyal clients ask for more and more help. We are glad to provide a solution that could lead to an outcome that is favorable for both parties; that in itself is fulfilling.

      How does driving less and sharing business equal a better bottom line?

      The digitization of services marketplace has created a toxic environment for service professionals. It is absurd to think that the very people that are asking for help from Service Professionals do not know that the current business models driving the marketplace are harmful and abusive to say the least.

      Well, that is now a past statement of fact that no long is! As the Generation 5 and evolution comes to be, it is simple to stay connected in ways that SAVE TIME and reduce driving for ballpark estimate opportunities. BidMyVid® solves all the challenges of clients sending every and any which way, various methods to get in touch with us. Filters stand in the way as “Directories” or home advising sites that offer a redirection away from how they may not be helping those that are here to help others.

      It was natural for the next step in my journey evolving as The Fix It Queen™, to move to circle the wagons around contractors, my hearts center. For having such a deep respect for true labor, skilled and brilliant labor; seeing my grandfather, father, uncles, aunts, business partners and myself work and toil in our skilled-trades profession, it bothered me to see the challenges we faced as digitation occurred and online search engines ranked great marketers over GREATE SERVICE. As service professionals and blue-collar community, our industries got left behind, UNTIL NOW!

      Platforms are the NOW! Search engine are secondary. We hold planforms that keep us connected in many ways over the notorious search options. With the GREAT SOCIAL MEDIA BLACKOUT, we clearly saw that platforms are a connected space. The benefit to us is APPS leveled the playing field. We, as the contracting community can now have our OWN ENVIRONMENT! There are gaming platforms, there are social platforms and there are UTILITY platforms!

      This is where the solutionist of the world CAN truly live. Not survive from the damages of oversold leads and high prices of customer contacts where there is no TRUE CONTACT made. The opportunity to THRIVE is here! The simple function and utility that serves a purpose to improve the quality of life exists. With social media crashes showing us that running a service business on a social platform can leave us all in a blackout and the continued rise in marketing costs to feebly rank against large marketing platforms, it is crucial to implement platforms and APP soluti8ons that are truly built to serve.

      Marketing costs and other shrinkage margins seen and unforeseen plague small businesses. The challenges for contractors are even more tremulous when navigating construction phases or budget designations with margins unmanaged and unforeseen. Leveraging complete projects and having challenges outside our efforts and control create havoc in sustainability. This is a small pinhole view of other degrees we face in the blue-collar world.

      This is WHY. It’s not about anything but TIME.

      Our team efforts to solve the BIGGEST challenge first; how to integrate the highest touch medium, video, in a way that truly saves time. The digital tool missing from every Contractors tool belt and now the only tool they will ever need to save time from driving aimlessly to no avail. Chasing LEADS to recapture the losses from oversold and recoupable leads as well as the shrinkage from a being offered a “CREDIT” is now a thing of the past.

      Built by Contractors for Contractors in a way that truly saves time and shares business how we do in real exchanges, is now a digital experience. Download BidMyVid® now to try it free for 7 days. Allow our team an opportunity to give your time back so that you can take more opportunities. Opportunities are yours to take, they can be in the form of new jobs, a moment to work on your business. Finding ways to save time by helping you simplify your business woes, driving is just one of the challenges we face with rising gas prices and gas guzzling service vehicles. Now is the time to save time from driving and use that time to learn more way to operate a business more effectively.

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          Don’t have time to work ON your service business because your are too busy working IN your service business?

          Time is fleeting, use #BidMyVid to get #RepairsDoneInOneTake
          Time is fleeting, use #BidMyVid to get #RepairsDoneInOneTake

          Download BidMyVid and our team will work tirelessly to help you save time in your business from DAY 1.

          With the 7-Day support guide combined the 7-Day FREE trial and our Opportunities Success Team, it is just a matter of time before you are saving tons of time and making time to join us for Moments to Mo Money with The Fix It Queen Academy! Taking time to plan and foresee what you can is important to reduce excess loss from no plan at all.

          Dealing with urgencies can keep you from having the time and energy to do the most important tasks and planning for your business. This can become a viscous cycle.

          With BidMyVid® the exhaustion from the endless driving to estimates and supply houses can be reduced. Once we save time for your service business in driving and connecting with existing and new clients as well as arriving more prepared, we invite you to take a moment to learn how to run a stable service business with a strong frame and foundation! Let’s start by saving you time today, download now and save the drive tomorrow!

          How does it work?

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          Move with Intention

          by The Fix It Queen

          October 6, 2021

          The Fix It Queen Academy™


          WEDNESDAY WISDOM with The Fix It Queen Academy

          Wednesday Wisdom: Move with Intention

          Wednesday Wisdom posed this question, What is WISDOM?

          Wisdom is simply the understanding through experience which leads to actions backed from good judgement. The wisdom of today from The Fix It Queen Academy is to take a moment and reflect. From this reflection it is easy to see where past steps were made that led one off path.

          Business ownership is challenging. You don’t know what you don’t know and through that walk you learn. As you remain humble to serve with your purpose, you LEARN. As this happens, growth and the expansion from that knowledge can create memorable moments of guidance. Growth is painful. Losing for winning is something not for the faint of heart. It takes CLARITY. It takes FOCUS. It takes COMMITMENT. It takes PERSISTENCE. It takes PRESENCE. From this deep knowing on those accounts, the INTENTION that drives the actions is thus, executed wisdom.

          Failure is not meant to keep you from trying beyond what you know. If that were true, we would never walk, but only ever roll over, or crawl. Past that stage is PAIN. Past that is the FALL. But is it is a fall into faith knowing why you started has worth. The vision that started it all has value. It is in this moment that we muster all we KNOW and HAVE to launch and make adjustments from there as we propel forward.

          Pain is not painful, but aimful!

          The moment past the fall is where our bells can ring. Where we can react in a trauma to never try again. But wait, it’s not meant to never try again, but to TRY AGAIN! Not that way, but another. For what you see and saw as possible still is. You know more now in that you tried and found one way that did not progress to the goal. The goal is still the GOAL! You were born to dream then create! The goal allows a measurement of progress for adjustment. Again, you don’t know what you don’t know but the challenges cause you to seek. Seek more information in what form you can receive. Through a mentorship, a collogue, business group or YouTube channel. Once we know what did not work, we must seek more answers on how it COULD work differently. Try and try again. It is done as long as you continue moving though the solutions’ delivery.

          Move with Intuition!

          After regaining a clarity in adjusted moment from unexpected variables, having the clarity of your goal and directives will allow you to make an action that will realign the track towards progress. Having access to intuition means that your mindset is in a different receptive state than when the challenge interjected. For when there is a problem, the solution is also present. But, the solution is never in the same place as the problems origination. The problem lives in one space and the solution is in the opposing space where the problem does not exist. One can not exist with out the other and solutions are not present without challenge.

          Shock and trauma response can keep us in the vicinity of problem awareness and less in the space of solution receptivity. Clarity on the goals will allow the transition between these space to occur faster. Insight will come as chaos ensues. When you are calibrated to a solution channel there are no land mines that can thwart the delivery of the execution to that solution.

          Self-sabotage and blame become a distant thought and memory of exchanges in past. Forward tasks and deadlines to deliver and support the goal and its’ progress become the only directive. There is nothing that will stop this type of participation because it is not tied to monetary gain but qualitative purpose in a quantitate state to improve life by the continued offering of the product and/or service. It all makes sense, and then makes dollars.

          Clarity is key and with it, the movement by intuition will help with the timing of solutions and the progress as a result!

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            Need more time to work ON your service business instead of IN your service business?

            Download BidMyVid and save the time driving to give site assessments. Give ballpark estimates from the comfort of your home. Spend less money on gas, vehicle maintenance and gain you sanity back! Highway miles are havoc for our moral. With features to further transparency and communication through video features that restore trust and loyalty, you are sure to enjoy the countless hours saved where you were one “on the road” again.

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            Episode 1: Who Dis? A moment knowing the Fix It Queen

            by The Fix It Queen

            October 5, 2021

            Is my contractor ripping me off? PODCAST



            Is my contractor ripping me off?

            RECORDING IN PROGRESS! Episodes coming soon!

            Episode 1: Who is The Fix Queen and What is a RIP OFF?

            EPISODE 1:

            Let’s get to know each other! I hope to share with you just WHO I am as The Fix It Queen. From there I hope to bring light to the start of an understanding on how to repair the broken blue-collar trades and restore trust and loyalty. WE ARE PEOPLE first and through our interviews and open discussions, we are excited to take a moment with The Fix It Queen to start a MOVEMENT to connect us by offering a way to understand each other.

            Catch all our episodes at BidMyVid.com/Podcast and catch our BLOGS on future podcast releases at BidMyVid.com/Blog

            Most listeners of the Is My Contractor Ripping Me Off? Podcast do it ON THE ROAD and barely have time to do that between service calls. Working ON the service business is a far distant thought because working IN the service business take urgent priority.

            SAVE TIME so you CAN work ON your business by downloading BidMyVid and use your extra time to learn business fundamentals with Moments to Mo Money with The Fix It Queen Academy!

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            Mindset on Social Media Outage

            by The Fix It Queen

            October 4, 2021

            The Fix It Queen Academy™


            SOCIAL MEDIA BLACKOUT doesn’t phase true CONNECTIONS!

            “To have conversation, presence of each party is key.”

            ~The Fix It Queen

            Social Media blackout showed that there is a disconnect in true connection and to think otherwise is not our current reality construct. Today’s wide range social media outage created the true awareness of the short gratification social platforms have. From, Twitter, to What’sApp, and Facebook plus Instagram, the list grows to include GMAIL among the giant tech platforms having social media outage and social media crashes happening on this Monday, users admitted to checking platforms repeatedly to see if they were “back up.” Myself included. As a Tech Startup in launch mode, marketing on these platforms is key, but not our only key!

            The KEY POINT to the above statement is SOCIAL MEDIA outage and crashes. Wish should only be a LEVERAGE TOOL and not a main tool. We discuss this in the Marketing Course in depth but as for this blackout of social reach, it seemed to be oddly reeking havoc on those platforms that create social pacification or distraction.

            If it was a true useful tool, chances are it still worked. Text messaging (what I refer to as 2021 Hit Me on My Pager Action) was working. Other software and functional platforms operated. The basic SOCIAL platforms that we are are all on a drip for gratification is what failed.

            Why is this important. As business owners, SMALL BUSINESS depends on the large social platforms. Some businesses have their entire business hosted and built upon these connections on these “social” platforms. How are we to really have each other in a connected environment without threat that there will be a BLACKOUT or other shutdown of the “social platform”.

            The answer is simple. Tools we depend on and rely on did NOT fail. Things that are part of the construct of functionality in our current reality still operated.

            Point in case, BIDMYVID did not fail.

            As a community platform that serves the service community it was crucial that our operations stay functional.

            I mean, to me, this is big stuff that affects the true quality of life here. Not a meme post and a pop culture trend, but truly the need to SERVE the community. We did not waiver, we did not fail. We continued to function just as your trusty “MAPS” and GPS features did not fail. BIDMYVID is not a social platform and feature, but a digital tool of function that gives time back. The one resource that is NOT renewable. Offering solutions to communicate true needs that can be the difference of having function in our home or business, or not.

            As the social media outage occurred it was refreshing to know that our systems were a full go and we continued to save time for contractors and their clients when it came to what is truly important; the needs of the community and our ability to help facilitate and support the delivery and communication of them. I was proud to get the message from our support team that we are business as usual.

            That being aside, the issue that I turned my focus upon was being aware that others were not so lucky. Others were dependent on the biggest of platforms to thrive. This is where the idea for today’s Mindset Motivation Monday blog came.

            As I thought about all the small business owners, small businesses, services businesses, service contractors and service companies that depend on What’sApp and Facebook Messenger as a primary way to communicate it was painful to know they had yet to know that there is a better way. A way designed with function and ease of use in mine, utility features that save time, not MEME generators. There is a huge difference. We enjoy powering Service Businesses with BIDMYVID to save time.

            I thought beyond that of the digital connection tool no longer missing from tool belts far and wide. I thought back to a time where we didn’t have these digital problems. We had people to serve and the presence to listen was the most important aspect.

            This is where we CONNECT. We try with words to communicate needs. But it is the VIBES between the words that help us resonate to a solution. So in this blackout of social platforms failing, I thought to touch base on an old school tip of connecting at a human layer of empathy and needs first. No messaging and selling in the fast pace digital world, but a slow down of focused listening to create a connection that sustains past a social media blackout.

            We are better when connected in purpose on purpose. Superficial likes, shares and scroll through activity leaves lost minds with no true “life line” to have as all the life was drawn through shallow and superficial and positional digitized presence verses true presence within a moment as we cross paths. That is where we engage and create memorable moments that stick with us in a true connection past a blackout of social platforms.

            BidMyVid supports this type of connection by integrating video and having function beyond a social connection, but on the deepest layer of human needs and the desire to serve and futfill them.

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              We hope that this Moment with The Fix It Queen Academy, sponsored by BidMyVid, offers a moment of clarity that helps you create and bring more value to each moment. If you need more business insight BUILT for service business, please join us for Moments to Mo Money with the Fix It Queen Academy as we teach each 1st and 15th of the month in person and livestream the most important aspects within the 6-core fundamental business courses offered at The Fix It Queen Academy.

              Don’t have a moment to spare to work ON your business because your are TOO busy working IN your service business?

              We invite you to download BIDMYVID today to save time in your service business. Skip the drive time to give ballpark quotes to your clients. Send a link to future clients before expending gas and time to assess if the project is something you can take care of! Save tons of wasted time spent on the road and use that time to work on scaling your business.

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              Mo Money 10.01.21

              by The Fix It Queen

              October 1, 2021

              The Fix It Queen Academy™


              Moments to Mo Money with The Fix It Queen Academy

              Business insight BUILT for Service Business!

              “One thing that you can’t scale is micro-management!”

              ~The Fix It Queen

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              Power in a WISH

              by The Fix It Queen

              September 29, 2021

              Working with your Contractor


              “A wish is a desire with belief that it will be done, not DESTROYED.”

              @The Fix It Queen
              Wishes get DESTROYED in anger from missed expectations.

              From simple repairs to a complete design project, the way the project is communicated in “examples” and in steps to deliver those expectations is CRUTIAL. All aspects of the WISH LIST and the expectations on both sides being expressed and understood will dissipate any frustration before it’s created.

              When contractors destroy their hard work it can be for a number of reasons. Non-payment is the main reason and that comes with patterns of withholding payments until the desired outcome is gained. One would think that holding a payment until work is corrected is ok. Unfortunately withholding the entire final phase of payment can lead to DESTRUCTION! On the other hand, withholding a margin of warranty could be a middle ground. If the phase called for 50/50 in an example, it would be expected that the contractor would want the 50% upon completion.

              HOW TO SEE RED FLAGS!

              But, what if there is an issue with the work performed? Well, should there be a dispute in quality or delivery of the work, a middle ground could be to release the material costs and discuss the other budgets or allow it to go to civil dispute. If a contractor is unable to discuss budgets and margins it could be a red flag. Generally contractors do not think about disputes or the cost of them and often have vague terms or clarity of expectations outlined contractually and this can be a red flag as well.

              Contractors that have a low-hourly rate are more likely to become upset if payment is withheld or other issues arise after or during the work phases. This is because cashflow is usually imbalanced and the timing of phase payments and the delay of them could create hardship.

              For service businesses that operate with a fully marginalized business but fail to reserve the margins, the same issues can arise as the low-rate contractor. This is because on a corporate level the company may have fiscal irresponsibility that leads to high turnover and constant management changes. There are plus and minus aspects to working with both small and large contractor organizations. The biggest key to protecting the WISH so that it becomes what is expected it to ensure 2 assessable aspects.

              HOW TO SEE GREEN FLAGS!

              A quality contractor (Big or Small) will understand how to prepare a bid with concise steps as to what the are doing and how the plan on doing it as well as price-points that include not only material and labor, but margins for set up, clean up, administration support, marketing, warranty, profit and other allocations that help the business sustain over time. This is usually calculated in the hourly rate verses separate items on the bid.


              Aspect 1: Are rates LOW, MID or HIGH? Each level equals a different picture as to the longevity of the warranties and quality of execution with ties to the 2nd aspect.

              Aspect 2: How long has the company sustained?

              Small contractors can be in business for decades but still have high-turnover in CLIENT return which causes them to have QUICK availability. Though this is not always the case when it comes to simple service and repair needs, this is more relevant to projects and the scheduling of them.

              Small contractors that tend to schedule out 2-4 weeks or more are generally sustained in repeat clients and offer a deeper quality of work so the schedule stays full. Be weary of the contractor that does not care about the image of the small company, that can be an indicator of the work not execution in a less than professional quality of delivery.

              Large and Mid-Size contractors can be in business for decades but still have high-turnover in EMPLOYEE retention which is an indicator of potential fiscal misappropriation. Companies that have long-time staff offer culture and compensation that allows for continued engagement. Watch out for companies that continually have NEW hires and no processes of quality to duplicate the service expectations.

              The reality is that small businesses often fail to marginalize the cost of TIME. This leads to a stand-off in final phases of work where contractors may destroy the installed work or attempt to repossess it out of frustration. Wishes are best in creation when the contractor and client have a CLEAR idea of expected results of the shared WISH of the client. Contractors should be able to extrapolate the tasks to a schedule that is tied to the availability of the products and materials.


              What better way to communicate YOUR NEEDS than through the most descriptive and powerful tool, video! Using BidMyVid® allows for communication in the easiest manner. SPEAK your expectations and desires! Communicate on the highest level the needs you have. This empowers your contractor with an eyes-on-site opportunity to fully understand your request.

              Remodel projects and repairs start from desire. Communication of the outcome by how it feels and looks is important. Wish lists are a great way to start discussions with your contractor. Finding “looks like” examples to communicate your wish list will allow your contractor to reference supply sources in a way to determine what is available as a solution to your request.

              As your request is assessed, your are more apt to receive a better comparison of project price points as each service professional has the same variables of information provided your your detailed narration of your repair or remodel needs. The power of video is the way to offer so much to users an experience that fosters a depth of aligning service needs with service delivery in a closer expression to the desired outcome.

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              Gate and Fencing

              Types of Electric Gate Fences – How Do Automatic Driveway Gates Work?

              by rbenvin

              March 11, 2020

              Gates and Fencing


              Automatic Driveway Gates: How Do They Work?

              Having a beautiful cedar or wrought iron fence can create privacy and security to your home. Yet what about the driveway? For many people, they want to completely enclose the yards and control who can come onto their properties.

              Knowing the 6 Types of Electric Gate Fences

              Homes that have an electric fence gate are more secure and private. These kinds of gated homes can be found in subdivisions where there could be a gated entry or in single residential homes with a lot of land that the owner wants to keep private from trespassers. There are 2 different types of electrical gates, many different automatic gate options and many different types of fences. We will discuss them more in detail here.

              Save Time for your Gate and Fencing Install and Repairs with BidMyVid®

              Here is a quick list of ways you can save time as a Client who may needs repairs at your home or business:

              Shoot a video SAYING exactly what you need repaired, skipping the 2-Hour Arrival windows!
              Use leading-Edge Digital Vetting Tools to help you make the RIGHT CHOICE for your repair needs!

              Here is a quick list of ways you can save time as a Service Provider and local contractor the provides repair services:

              See EXACTLY what the client is requesting without rolling a service van!
              Allows budget alignment and has change order abilities on-site for work increase or decrease requests!

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