by The Fix It Queen

November 11, 2021




Join us for the BidMyVid® 2.0 Demo Day Celebration!

On November 11th at 11am we excitedly shared with the world the 2.0 Features for BidMyVid®! Timing it with humbled appreciation for the opportunity to continue our efforts to deliver time saving tools for service businesses that are VETERAN OWNED is and even greater honor.

Veterans are able to take advantage of our Rebate Program to receive 50% OFF their APP subscriptions FOREVER! No, we are not kidding! Is that OK? Just say yes and opt-in below as our special thank you for the service you have provided us that continues to offer us opportunity!

Veteran’s Day Deal Opt-In

How Do I “Opt-In” forever!?

  1. Complete the Opt-In form below
  2. Download the BidMyVid APP
  3. Complete your service business profile and select your desired subscription option
  4. Receive 50% Rebate Checks* based on your subscription option!

Is that OK? For our team, It’s that EASY to offer Veterans huge savings!



    As our team works diligently to deploy features to the ULTIMATE digital tool no longer missing from contractors’ tool belts everywhere, it excites us to share with you it’s value towards improving service businesses SKIP the drive, WIN the bid and SAVE the time! Make more Money!

    With the launch of 1.0 we’ve had amazing feedback. We’ve added new capabilities, enhanced existing features and updated the user experience to be even easier to service our clients!

    You don’t want to miss what’s new on November 11th at 11am. 

    So what’s new you might ask? 

    We look forward to sharing with you in our live demonstration of our feature rich business software tool that saves time and reduces hours on the road. 

    Tune in live November 11, 2021 at 11:00am Mountain Standard time.

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      11:00am – 11:05am – BidMyVid® App Intro

      11:06am – 11:24am – Demo NEW Features

      11:25am – 11:30am – Q&A / Demo Day

      Veteran’s Day Deal Announcement*

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      Is that Ok?

      by The Fix It Queen

      November 8, 2021

      The Fix It Queen™


      It’s a win, win….. WIN!

      Join others that are helping NATIONWIDE so that we can connect with ease and get repairs DONE in one take!

      Chances are you have landed on this page because you are a 10/10 and perfect fit to work with our team to help your family, friends and business clients in a way that helps you, which helps our business too. That’s a ton of help going around! It’s a triple WIN for sure.

      Here is how we all WIN together:

      1. Sign up for our IS THAT OK? Program
      2. Complete your e-sign Program Agreement.
      3. Receive your affiliate page and instructions for sharing.
      4. Share your affiliate page both online and in-person.
      5. Start receiving Base Earnings* and Bonus Bucks**

      Share to your personal and business connections the BidMyVid® Business Software that saves time!

      Everyone you know will be able to arm them selves with this unique time saving utility-tool so they are ready to add Contractors Powered by BidMyVid® to their app tool to connect easily in the future.

      The service-based businesses you know whom visit your”YOUR PAGE NAME HERE” landing page are able to download BidMyVid® with your page link to start saving time with BidMyVid® today so they can skip the drive tomorrow.

      Who doesn’t like AUTOMATIC checks in the MAIL!

      AUTOMATICALLY gain BASE EARNINGS* For each location of participation, earn $25.00 per QUARTER as our BidMyVid® Is That OK? Affiliate Program member! Base earnings payout are issued each fiscal Quarter.

      QTR 1 (Jan-Mar) Statement and Check issued by Dec 20th

      QTR 2 (Apr-Jun) Statement and Check issued by March 20th

      QTR 3 (Jul-Sep) Statement and Check issued by June 20th

      QTR 4 (Oct-Dec) Statement and Check issued by Sept 20th

      Who doesn’t like RESIDUAL checks in the MAIL!

      Bonus Bucks** help you as you help us! Each time a service professional completes the ANNUAL Subscription to BidMyVid® it will trigger the release of 1 Bonus Buck to both parties. Your organization will receive Bonus Bucks as well as the service professional on your behalf as a THANK YOU!

      1 Bonus Buck = $29.00**

      Each Quarter you will receive a statement and CHECK from the previous quarters’ opt-in participants. You will earn 1 Bonus Buck Credit for each service professional that opts in to receive a BONUS BUCK from your program. That service professional will receive the same bonus credit issued to them on your behalf.

      QTR 1 (Jan-Mar) Statement and Check issued by April 20th

      QTR 2 (Apr-Jun) Statement and Check issued by July 20th

      QTR 3 (Jul-Sep) Statement and Check issued by October 20th

      QTR 4 (Oct-Dec) Statement and Check issued by January 20th

      *Base Earnings 
      come from placement of signage for the APP TOOL in theTools Section and at refreshment sections in local distribution chain locations. 

      **Bonus Buck Credits are a value of up to 10% of the annual software subscription fees which are subject to adjustment

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        by The Fix It Queen

        November 2, 2021




        Join us for the BidMyVid® 2.0 Demo Day to showcase the time saving features for your Service Business!

        Its about that time! Learn about our BidMyVid® Features, subscribe to our features release list below:


          2780 S Shoshone St
          Englewood, CO 80110

          Cost Plus Electric Supply – Central Location

          Friday 1/14/2022 from 7am – 10am

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          Technology is the necessary tool for every contractor


          October 28, 2021



          Running a modern contracting company without technology is like showing up to the job site without the proper tools. Sure the job may get completed, however was it as efficient or profitable as it should’ve been?

          Applications and digital tools are paving the way for service providers to increase profitability and quality of life by taking a load off your plate. 

          How do I know which digital tools would help me? 

          Think about your customers’ experience from start to finish.  When a customer reaches out to you, what is their experience like? 

          When a new customer reaches out they should receive an immediate response with steps to make it as easy as possible for them to work with you.  As a contractor we are only paid for business closed.  Let’s ensure the first step of the process is enticing. 

          For clients that use BidMyVid it could be as simple as a message like this. 

          Thank you for reaching out.  We’re currently working on a job site and would like to provide you with the answers you’re looking for as soon as possible. 

          Please Send me a video using BidMyVid.  It’ll allow me to get a better understanding of the job and provide a quote. 

          Download BidMyVid

          Once you’ve created your account 

          Select my profile here

          you’ll add me as a contact, upload a video of your job request and see previous services I’ve provided for example service profile. 

          Within the App you’ll see their video, be able to ask questions to further qualify, and submit a bid. Saving you loads of time and money!

          How do you handle bids, contracts, receipts, paperwork

          If you’re managing your business via paper it’s time to evaluate new options. 

          Paper documents leave massive room for error. Not to mention they are not the most cost effective option. 

          You’ll want to seek out document management systems or CRM(Client relationship management) tools.  These will help you organize all of your jobs and documents digitally and allow you to pull them up anywhere anytime.

          No more forgetting documents or plans at the office when it’s all on your phone.

          What communication do you continue with the client after you complete the job? 

          Do you have a plan for requesting clients to leave you a review? 

          What about a plan to reach back out in a few months to see if they have any additional work for you. 

          It’s important to always have a review follow-up, referral job request, seasonal jobs notification and future retention communications, seasonal jobs  to be sent to the customers. 

          Communicating with your clients at this level will open the door for more jobs in the future, as well as increased customer satisfaction. 

          If you need assistance message with communicating with your clients after the job message 

          The BidMyVid app is the answer to your prayers. With just a few taps on this application, you can bid on any job with all of the necessary information at hand and then keep track of how many contracts you’ve won over time. Not only does it save contractors both time and money but also provides them with an income stream that generates more revenue than they would be able to earn otherwise! Download BidMyVid today and try it for free!

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          Construction Project Complete: What Comes Next?

          by Stephen Pucek

          October 28, 2021



          Design Phase

          The first thing to do is assess the size of the project. This will help you find its cost and give you enough information to create an estimate. Cost can be important for some people. Once you’ve provided your estimate and agree to the construction plan, the next steps are to schedule, review the materials selection to ensure you are ready to complete the project as proposed.

          Construction Phase

          Before the project starts, materials need to be checked to ensure that they are readily available and ordered.

          The contractor then reviews the site before starting construction to ensure everything is ready. Inspections should include all area’s that will be involved in the construction process.

          Post Construction Phase

          Once the job is completed it’s important that you take pictures and videos of the construction site. This will allow you to share the pre construction phase as well as what the job looked like after final inspection. This information is critical to assist with winning future construction contract.

          Documenting the pre-construction and post construction photo’s works as a rolling portfolio for customers to view.

          Now that you have all the photo’s from the site. Contractors should take the time to follow-up with the customer to ensure that they are satisfied with the work that was provided. It’s also important to reach out to the customer for future referrals and potential projects.

          If you’re looking for an easy way to facilitate these business best practices learn more at

          Set yourself up for success with future construction projects

          Business growth happens at a higher rate when we increase our client retention rates. This is no different when working as a general contractor. You’re an expert in the construction industry.

          How do we naturally increase our customer retention without pestering the customer? We do this through education! You are the expert of your craft. Help your customers become on the same page. Through the power of email and text messages we can very easily remind our clients about seasonal projects such are blowing out sprinklers, maintaining the air conditioning.

          If you need assistance setting up an email outreach please reach out to

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          No is NOT the answer!

          by The Fix It Queen

          October 7, 2021

          The Fix It Queen™


          Building a service business that is high demand can leave Contractors jammed.

          Finding ways to say YES is!

          “I don’t turn down work if I can manage it; there is just so much of it, it’s hard to get to.”

          John Phillips, Owner – Beaver Heating and Cooling LLC.

          Finding the pain points in our current service marketplace is not hard. Its finding contractors that have availability to come out that seems to be the challenge. Trying to find a contractor in a sea of digital lead platforms WILL leave you feeling less than supported and disconnected from service providers.

          It is a grueling path to ride; to bare the unforgiving pavement of never-ending hours on the road to assess projects. The wear and tear on the fleet and on the service professional is breaking the levy. But what if there were a better way to VALUE everyone’s time involved?

          DAM the work and build the reservoir!

          No more DAMN leads that cause service professionals to run ragged trying to service everyone in curiosity, let alone in necessity. Now there is a way to save time and use it in a resourceful way. It’s about time to DAM the needs and help in a way that truly addresses concerns and offers a chance to foster the building of trust. Dam the opportunities in a way they have a chance to be addressed. Build the reservoir in a way to mange the flow rather than be overrun by it.

          The breakdown of trust when calling for help is something that has been degrading for decades. The volume has not slowed but the trust breakdown has made it challenging to effectively complete service needs without the anxiety caused by the lack of trust. As digitization has happened and the continuation of pattern to have gratification instantly, it has left service professionals on the highway of endless margin loss and time loss. Twitching like road kill, the time to fix this challenge has come

          Saving Service Sanity by giving time back!

          Built for service business by service professionals, BidMyVid aims to give time back when it comes to getting repairs done in one take! Features that allow a deeper understanding as to who we are working with is the start to fostering the rebuilding of trust within the service marketplace. We are excited to EMPOWER service professionals in a way to offer the simple solution of video communication so trust has a chance to grow.

          As we continue to help contractors be “POWERED BY BIDMYVID” it comes with a loyal support team to help convert and secure opportunities. Chasing leads only adds to the cost of services rising and heightened anxiety. With digitization comes the opportunity to use if for good. To weave solutions that bring hope that things are possible with out the challenges to align ahead of time. No longer are LEADS a need. The true value comes in the support and care to help service businesses save time when it comes to running a smooth operation.

          Saving time by deploying the BidMyVid Contractor Portal QR CODE that allows clients, existing and new, to shoot a video to state what they need, to the offering business fundamental education in a slice of a moment as we sponsor the continuation of service business insight BUILT for service business, it is our goal to find all ways to give time back so service professionals can focus on what they do best, SERVE.

          Proud to SERVE!

          We are proud to be THE SERVICE BUSINESS built to serve service businesses. From the digital tool missing from tool belts everywhere, to key insight that supports the delivery of the services, we are there and what to help service professionals save time EVERYWHERE! Working with trades professionals to provide presence for their services is why we exist. When service business owners find themselves with not enough time to work on their business, that is a key indicator that it is time to save time and afford the extra time to strengthen the business as it grows.

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            Join us for business insight BUILT for service business!

            Offering simple blogs to help service professionals and those seeking service professionals is great. But, if it leaves you desiring to know more about how to run a service business in a more effective approach, we hope that you join us for the Moments to Mo Money with The Fix It Queen Academy where we teach each month from the 6-Core Business Fundamentals Courses offered from the 21-Hours to Business Success Program. These moments of insight are FREE and offer an in-depth view on concepts and practices that can help your service business thrive. Learn more.

            Don’t have a moment to spare? To busy working IN your service business? Need time to work ON your service business?

            Download BidMyVid today and skip the drive tomorrow. Empowered with a QR Code and Digital Link to share with your clients, new and existing, receiving video repair request has never been easier. BidMyVid is the best video-business tool and software solution that saves time.

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            Drive Where?

            by The Fix It Queen

            October 6, 2021

            The Fix It Queen Academy™


            Offering time and insight comes at a cost as the time spent driving is often a hindsight shrinkage margin unaccounted for.

            SAVE TIME and THE BOTTOM LINE!

            BidMyVid doesn’t want you to be a Frustrated Driver off to give another estimate.


            As a former contractor as well as being blue-collar born, I know that driving is part of the territory. But it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be! Countless hours offering insight, on-site that compounds with the time spent driving adds up in a world of instant gratification with unrealistic time and budget expectations. Deploying BidMyVid® in your service business will allow a knowing in advance if the project is a fit for both parties and it has never been more important.

            Traveling miles and hours to assess projects can be costly. Clients dread the “ESTIMATE FEE” and Service Professionals can find themselves driving to no avail as projects are not a fit for the schedule or the available resource of each Service Professional.

            The landscape of service industry has changed in many ways. No longer are we needing ways to “BUY LEADS” and be RIPPED OFF from large Marketing Platforms because the way of SHARING BUSINESS is what has always prevailed. Admittingly it has taken time for our team to weave the right technology layers together to catch up to how we operate at a fundamental core as a service industry with ETHICS, so now BidMyVid® exists, it allows the next evolution of the dreadful “LEAD” to the now “Opportunity” shared.

            Contracting professionals have referred each other for eons as our dedicated and loyal clients ask for more and more help. We are glad to provide a solution that could lead to an outcome that is favorable for both parties; that in itself is fulfilling.

            How does driving less and sharing business equal a better bottom line?

            The digitization of services marketplace has created a toxic environment for service professionals. It is absurd to think that the very people that are asking for help from Service Professionals do not know that the current business models driving the marketplace are harmful and abusive to say the least.

            Well, that is now a past statement of fact that no long is! As the Generation 5 and evolution comes to be, it is simple to stay connected in ways that SAVE TIME and reduce driving for ballpark estimate opportunities. BidMyVid® solves all the challenges of clients sending every and any which way, various methods to get in touch with us. Filters stand in the way as “Directories” or home advising sites that offer a redirection away from how they may not be helping those that are here to help others.

            It was natural for the next step in my journey evolving as The Fix It Queen™, to move to circle the wagons around contractors, my hearts center. For having such a deep respect for true labor, skilled and brilliant labor; seeing my grandfather, father, uncles, aunts, business partners and myself work and toil in our skilled-trades profession, it bothered me to see the challenges we faced as digitation occurred and online search engines ranked great marketers over GREATE SERVICE. As service professionals and blue-collar community, our industries got left behind, UNTIL NOW!

            Platforms are the NOW! Search engine are secondary. We hold planforms that keep us connected in many ways over the notorious search options. With the GREAT SOCIAL MEDIA BLACKOUT, we clearly saw that platforms are a connected space. The benefit to us is APPS leveled the playing field. We, as the contracting community can now have our OWN ENVIRONMENT! There are gaming platforms, there are social platforms and there are UTILITY platforms!

            This is where the solutionist of the world CAN truly live. Not survive from the damages of oversold leads and high prices of customer contacts where there is no TRUE CONTACT made. The opportunity to THRIVE is here! The simple function and utility that serves a purpose to improve the quality of life exists. With social media crashes showing us that running a service business on a social platform can leave us all in a blackout and the continued rise in marketing costs to feebly rank against large marketing platforms, it is crucial to implement platforms and APP soluti8ons that are truly built to serve.

            Marketing costs and other shrinkage margins seen and unforeseen plague small businesses. The challenges for contractors are even more tremulous when navigating construction phases or budget designations with margins unmanaged and unforeseen. Leveraging complete projects and having challenges outside our efforts and control create havoc in sustainability. This is a small pinhole view of other degrees we face in the blue-collar world.

            This is WHY. It’s not about anything but TIME.

            Our team efforts to solve the BIGGEST challenge first; how to integrate the highest touch medium, video, in a way that truly saves time. The digital tool missing from every Contractors tool belt and now the only tool they will ever need to save time from driving aimlessly to no avail. Chasing LEADS to recapture the losses from oversold and recoupable leads as well as the shrinkage from a being offered a “CREDIT” is now a thing of the past.

            Built by Contractors for Contractors in a way that truly saves time and shares business how we do in real exchanges, is now a digital experience. Download BidMyVid® now to try it free for 7 days. Allow our team an opportunity to give your time back so that you can take more opportunities. Opportunities are yours to take, they can be in the form of new jobs, a moment to work on your business. Finding ways to save time by helping you simplify your business woes, driving is just one of the challenges we face with rising gas prices and gas guzzling service vehicles. Now is the time to save time from driving and use that time to learn more way to operate a business more effectively.

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                Don’t have time to work ON your service business because your are too busy working IN your service business?

                Time is fleeting, use #BidMyVid to get #RepairsDoneInOneTake
                Time is fleeting, use #BidMyVid to get #RepairsDoneInOneTake

                Download BidMyVid and our team will work tirelessly to help you save time in your business from DAY 1.

                With the 7-Day support guide combined the 7-Day FREE trial and our Opportunities Success Team, it is just a matter of time before you are saving tons of time and making time to join us for Moments to Mo Money with The Fix It Queen Academy! Taking time to plan and foresee what you can is important to reduce excess loss from no plan at all.

                Dealing with urgencies can keep you from having the time and energy to do the most important tasks and planning for your business. This can become a viscous cycle.

                With BidMyVid® the exhaustion from the endless driving to estimates and supply houses can be reduced. Once we save time for your service business in driving and connecting with existing and new clients as well as arriving more prepared, we invite you to take a moment to learn how to run a stable service business with a strong frame and foundation! Let’s start by saving you time today, download now and save the drive tomorrow!

                How does it work?

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                Episode 1: Who Dis? A moment knowing the Fix It Queen

                by The Fix It Queen

                October 5, 2021

                Is my contractor ripping me off? PODCAST



                Is my contractor ripping me off?

                RECORDING IN PROGRESS! Episodes coming soon!

                Episode 1: Who is The Fix Queen and What is a RIP OFF?

                EPISODE 1:

                Let’s get to know each other! I hope to share with you just WHO I am as The Fix It Queen. From there I hope to bring light to the start of an understanding on how to repair the broken blue-collar trades and restore trust and loyalty. WE ARE PEOPLE first and through our interviews and open discussions, we are excited to take a moment with The Fix It Queen to start a MOVEMENT to connect us by offering a way to understand each other.

                Catch all our episodes at and catch our BLOGS on future podcast releases at

                Most listeners of the Is My Contractor Ripping Me Off? Podcast do it ON THE ROAD and barely have time to do that between service calls. Working ON the service business is a far distant thought because working IN the service business take urgent priority.

                SAVE TIME so you CAN work ON your business by downloading BidMyVid and use your extra time to learn business fundamentals with Moments to Mo Money with The Fix It Queen Academy!

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