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With the use of video, BMV Inc. has created simple ways that allow for confidence and swift action by all users.

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This is the digital tool contractors have been missing from their tool-based business. SAVE TIME arriving more prepared with an eye-on-site experience ahead of arrival.

Why BidMyVid?

BidMyVid saves you valuable time compared to the old way of conducting and receiving service estimates.

Our FeaturesFeatures

Some our features.

Time Savings

Save Hundreds monthly avoiding long drives to provide an estimate
No more lost time waiting for client no-shows or mis-aligned arrival windows.

Video Documentation

Maintain a detailed documentation of videos for before and after. Your own digital portfolio of the work you’ve completed is usable for future references!

Virtual Estimation

Review your clients job from the palm of your hand, allowing you to provide a virtual estimate and show up more prepared to complete the task at hand!

Business Acquisition

Leads fee’s are a thing of the past! Review available jobs and ONLY pay for the clients you complete business with.

Helping Everybody Every Time!

Our ServicesServices

Lead Capture

No more chasing leads without a hope of recouping the lead fees.

Business Acquisition

Tired of the lead fees for businesses that may not be the best fit? We are too! Only pay for the clients you complete work for!

Time Savings

No more Added trips from mis-understandings from client contact forms. Or estimates that don’t turn into business.


Get an eye on site review of the job, communicate with the client, and provide a quote all saved for future reference. Collect a deposit to ensure commitment to job completion. Protecting yourself and the client!

Video Documentation

Nothing is more important than showing up prepared the first time. With the use of videos you’ll see exactly what you’re working with before you go on site.

Work History

The work you complete on the platform is captured for your clients and future clients to review your before and afters. This provides a competitive advantage over traditional reviews as people are over 70% more likely to do business after seeing visual evidence of the quality you provide.

Business is easier with BidMyVidBenefits

BidMyVid saves you trips by giving you a wider view of the task at hand.It’s easy to qualify jobs, come more prepared, and best of all SAVE TIME! Made by Contractors for Contractors, we know we are better together!

Eyes On-Site

Review your clients' projects from the palm of your hand.


Your client's video allows you to understand the scope of work and quote appropriately. No more mis-understandings!


Establish trust with your clients with a robust contractor portal displaying your accolades.

Money Savings

Driving to review a job site? Save your time, save your fuel, save your money!

How it worksScreenshots

Quick and Easy to set-up and utilize!

Frequently Asked QuestionsF A Q

If you additional questions please reach out to!

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How can I share BidMyVid with my clients?

Within your profile tab you’ll be able to copy your profile link using the icon in the upper right. You may share your link with anyone you may do business with. We recommend embedding this into your website, social media, email, and sent to anyone that inquires via your website.

How do other businesses utilize BidMyVid?

The get the most value out of BidMyVid clients place their personal profile links on their website, social media, emails, and website autoresponder to assist with capturing all their business. It is recommended to create a QR code to place on your tool boxes, work vehicles, and anywhere you may be able to acquire new business.
Businesses have also found success bringing clients in by sending an email blast letting them know of their new application.

Do I have to pay for business I don’t win?

If you are outbid to work with a prospective client you WILL NOT be charged.

How do I receive payment once the job is completed?

When you bid on a job you provide the payment terms in which you would like to collect payment from the client.

How many other businesses are shown the same opportunity?

We maximize exposure of new business opportunities to 5 contractors.

My service isn’t available during the application process, what do I do?

We are always working to enhance our application with all of our clients' needs. If you have a service you’d like to provide that isn't shown, please send an email to In the meantime use the General Service category.

How does BidMyVid assist my business?

With a simple to use application you can better communicate with your clients prior to arriving on the job site. Ensure terms and conditions are agreed upon prior to taking a step onto the job. Saving hundred and even thousands monthly.

Capture leads that may not have been converted. Skip the phone tag, mis-understanding over the phone. Your customers can quickly upload a walkthrough of the project.

Acquire new business. As homeowners, and business owners continue to upload projects you’ll have the opportunity to purchase your new client only paying for the business you win. Kick the old lead idea to the back of the line! Only pay for what makes you money.

About Us

BidMyVid’s sole purpose is to restore trust and loyalty. We’ve devoted our efforts to developing products and methods to do just that! As we continue developing these products and executing the delivery of them, we positively impact our social and environmental surroundings. From our success together, we shall achieve our highest goal, reigniting participation in Service and Trades occupations. It’s our way of giving back to the services that serve all of US.

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