Mo Money 10.01.21

by The Fix It Queen

October 1, 2021

The Fix It Queen Academy™


Moments to Mo Money with The Fix It Queen Academy

Business insight BUILT for Service Business!

“One thing that you can’t scale is micro-management!”

~The Fix It Queen

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Where did they go?
Employee Retention

Desire to grow? No sure where to go for the proper way to

LIVE TRAINING | 10/15/2021 | 5:45pm MST

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Past Training Moments

Important vs. Urgent

Handling urgent tasks can lead you to feeling drained and not having enough time or energy to complete the important tasks.  That can lead to moments of fog and lack of clarity. Join us a we discuss the ways to grab hold of what is important in our businesses to foster growth!

LIVE TRAINING | 10/01/2021 | 5:45pm MST

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