Episode 1: Who Dis? A moment knowing the Fix It Queen

by The Fix It Queen

October 5, 2021

Is my contractor ripping me off? PODCAST



Is my contractor ripping me off?

RECORDING IN PROGRESS! Episodes coming soon!

Episode 1: Who is The Fix Queen and What is a RIP OFF?


Let’s get to know each other! I hope to share with you just WHO I am as The Fix It Queen. From there I hope to bring light to the start of an understanding on how to repair the broken blue-collar trades and restore trust and loyalty. WE ARE PEOPLE first and through our interviews and open discussions, we are excited to take a moment with The Fix It Queen to start a MOVEMENT to connect us by offering a way to understand each other.

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Most listeners of the Is My Contractor Ripping Me Off? Podcast do it ON THE ROAD and barely have time to do that between service calls. Working ON the service business is a far distant thought because working IN the service business take urgent priority.

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