No is NOT the answer!

by The Fix It Queen

October 7, 2021

The Fix It Queen™


Building a service business that is high demand can leave Contractors jammed.

Finding ways to say YES is!

“I don’t turn down work if I can manage it; there is just so much of it, it’s hard to get to.”

John Phillips, Owner – Beaver Heating and Cooling LLC.

Finding the pain points in our current service marketplace is not hard. Its finding contractors that have availability to come out that seems to be the challenge. Trying to find a contractor in a sea of digital lead platforms WILL leave you feeling less than supported and disconnected from service providers.

It is a grueling path to ride; to bare the unforgiving pavement of never-ending hours on the road to assess projects. The wear and tear on the fleet and on the service professional is breaking the levy. But what if there were a better way to VALUE everyone’s time involved?

DAM the work and build the reservoir!

No more DAMN leads that cause service professionals to run ragged trying to service everyone in curiosity, let alone in necessity. Now there is a way to save time and use it in a resourceful way. It’s about time to DAM the needs and help in a way that truly addresses concerns and offers a chance to foster the building of trust. Dam the opportunities in a way they have a chance to be addressed. Build the reservoir in a way to mange the flow rather than be overrun by it.

The breakdown of trust when calling for help is something that has been degrading for decades. The volume has not slowed but the trust breakdown has made it challenging to effectively complete service needs without the anxiety caused by the lack of trust. As digitization has happened and the continuation of pattern to have gratification instantly, it has left service professionals on the highway of endless margin loss and time loss. Twitching like road kill, the time to fix this challenge has come

Saving Service Sanity by giving time back!

Built for service business by service professionals, BidMyVid aims to give time back when it comes to getting repairs done in one take! Features that allow a deeper understanding as to who we are working with is the start to fostering the rebuilding of trust within the service marketplace. We are excited to EMPOWER service professionals in a way to offer the simple solution of video communication so trust has a chance to grow.

As we continue to help contractors be “POWERED BY BIDMYVID” it comes with a loyal support team to help convert and secure opportunities. Chasing leads only adds to the cost of services rising and heightened anxiety. With digitization comes the opportunity to use if for good. To weave solutions that bring hope that things are possible with out the challenges to align ahead of time. No longer are LEADS a need. The true value comes in the support and care to help service businesses save time when it comes to running a smooth operation.

Saving time by deploying the BidMyVid Contractor Portal QR CODE that allows clients, existing and new, to shoot a video to state what they need, to the offering business fundamental education in a slice of a moment as we sponsor the continuation of service business insight BUILT for service business, it is our goal to find all ways to give time back so service professionals can focus on what they do best, SERVE.

Proud to SERVE!

We are proud to be THE SERVICE BUSINESS built to serve service businesses. From the digital tool missing from tool belts everywhere, to key insight that supports the delivery of the services, we are there and what to help service professionals save time EVERYWHERE! Working with trades professionals to provide presence for their services is why we exist. When service business owners find themselves with not enough time to work on their business, that is a key indicator that it is time to save time and afford the extra time to strengthen the business as it grows.

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