Mindset on Social Media Outage

by The Fix It Queen

October 4, 2021

The Fix It Queen Academy™



“To have conversation, presence of each party is key.”

~The Fix It Queen

Social Media blackout showed that there is a disconnect in true connection and to think otherwise is not our current reality construct. Today’s wide range social media outage created the true awareness of the short gratification social platforms have. From, Twitter, to What’sApp, and Facebook plus Instagram, the list grows to include GMAIL among the giant tech platforms having social media outage and social media crashes happening on this Monday, users admitted to checking platforms repeatedly to see if they were “back up.” Myself included. As a Tech Startup in launch mode, marketing on these platforms is key, but not our only key!

The KEY POINT to the above statement is SOCIAL MEDIA outage and crashes. Wish should only be a LEVERAGE TOOL and not a main tool. We discuss this in the Marketing Course in depth but as for this blackout of social reach, it seemed to be oddly reeking havoc on those platforms that create social pacification or distraction.

If it was a true useful tool, chances are it still worked. Text messaging (what I refer to as 2021 Hit Me on My Pager Action) was working. Other software and functional platforms operated. The basic SOCIAL platforms that we are are all on a drip for gratification is what failed.

Why is this important. As business owners, SMALL BUSINESS depends on the large social platforms. Some businesses have their entire business hosted and built upon these connections on these “social” platforms. How are we to really have each other in a connected environment without threat that there will be a BLACKOUT or other shutdown of the “social platform”.

The answer is simple. Tools we depend on and rely on did NOT fail. Things that are part of the construct of functionality in our current reality still operated.

Point in case, BIDMYVID did not fail.

As a community platform that serves the service community it was crucial that our operations stay functional.

I mean, to me, this is big stuff that affects the true quality of life here. Not a meme post and a pop culture trend, but truly the need to SERVE the community. We did not waiver, we did not fail. We continued to function just as your trusty “MAPS” and GPS features did not fail. BIDMYVID is not a social platform and feature, but a digital tool of function that gives time back. The one resource that is NOT renewable. Offering solutions to communicate true needs that can be the difference of having function in our home or business, or not.

As the social media outage occurred it was refreshing to know that our systems were a full go and we continued to save time for contractors and their clients when it came to what is truly important; the needs of the community and our ability to help facilitate and support the delivery and communication of them. I was proud to get the message from our support team that we are business as usual.

That being aside, the issue that I turned my focus upon was being aware that others were not so lucky. Others were dependent on the biggest of platforms to thrive. This is where the idea for today’s Mindset Motivation Monday blog came.

As I thought about all the small business owners, small businesses, services businesses, service contractors and service companies that depend on What’sApp and Facebook Messenger as a primary way to communicate it was painful to know they had yet to know that there is a better way. A way designed with function and ease of use in mine, utility features that save time, not MEME generators. There is a huge difference. We enjoy powering Service Businesses with BIDMYVID to save time.

I thought beyond that of the digital connection tool no longer missing from tool belts far and wide. I thought back to a time where we didn’t have these digital problems. We had people to serve and the presence to listen was the most important aspect.

This is where we CONNECT. We try with words to communicate needs. But it is the VIBES between the words that help us resonate to a solution. So in this blackout of social platforms failing, I thought to touch base on an old school tip of connecting at a human layer of empathy and needs first. No messaging and selling in the fast pace digital world, but a slow down of focused listening to create a connection that sustains past a social media blackout.

We are better when connected in purpose on purpose. Superficial likes, shares and scroll through activity leaves lost minds with no true “life line” to have as all the life was drawn through shallow and superficial and positional digitized presence verses true presence within a moment as we cross paths. That is where we engage and create memorable moments that stick with us in a true connection past a blackout of social platforms.

BidMyVid supports this type of connection by integrating video and having function beyond a social connection, but on the deepest layer of human needs and the desire to serve and futfill them.

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