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We know what you go through when running your service business. As electrical contractors in the industry since 1991, we have noticed 3 things.  

1. I am sure you have heard, or have had 1st hand experience with the growing gap in available skilled trades and service professionals.  It is not only in one sector of skilled trades, but reigns across multiple professions and it is increasing as more come to retirement.

2.  Perhaps you’ve also noticed this thing called the “internet” and it growing complication of algorithms that make it impossible for small companies and individuals to rank against large directories and Service Marketplace platforms.

3.  Those platforms were built from perspective that does not help service based businesses.  In fact, they add complication by having to manage multiple platforms, cost of client fees rising, over selling leads, mis-alignment of clients to providers, failure to qualify providers in efforts to keep quality over quantity and so on.  I could continue, but I won’t.

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After going through a ridiculous and multiple bad experiences on multiple directory and/or service marketplace websites, and being proficient problem solvers and troubleshooters of mystery, it was only a matter of time that we “lit up” like a lightbulb with a solution that seemed oh to obvious.   The concept of BidMyVid™ came to be.

    • No more CHASING LEADS with no hope of recouping the lead fees.
    • No more ADDED TRIPS from mis-understandings from client contact forms.
    • No more LOST TIME waiting for client no-shows or mis-aligned arrival windows.

This is the digital tool contractors have been missing from their tool-based businesses.  SAVE TIME arriving more prepared with an eyes-on-site experience ahead of arrival!
Use the extra time to do more projects.  Use the extra time for things that are most important.  It’s up to you, we are just happy that it’s an option for you.  Our goal is to create digital tools that service the professionals that service the community.  We feel that if we can make a tool work better for service professionals the day would go a little more smooth.

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