Skip the DRIVE

by The Fix It Queen

October 8, 2021

Contractor Stories


Contractors have a CHOICE and it helps the bottom line for business and for projects!

Send ballpark prices and skip the DRIVE!

Gone are the days of giving a bid just to be under bid from service seekers.

Real stories of a Contractor getting along:

Client: Hi, I need a shower valve. Here is my shower situation.

Contractor: Great, I can handle that, it will be between $350 and $450 depending on the fixture.

Client: Thanks, I will let you know.

10 Minutes Later

Client: Hi, I need a shower valve replaced. I removed the drywall so the plumbing is accessible.

Contractor: Great, it will be between $350 and $450 depending on the fixture.

Client: ****** CRICKETS******** and no reply.

Client: Shops the “$350” price to a new contractor and tries to get it for less.

Contractor: Hi I am following up to see if you still need your valve taken care of.

Client: Oh, thanks, but I had someone do it for $300. I appreciate you coming out though.

Typically this would have lead to potential loss should the estimate be done in person. With BidMyVid® the option to SKIP the drive is available.

Service seekers shopping pricing may not realize that the cost of the shop drive service rates up over time. This is how the cost of service is driven “down” in a way that adds to the challenges when driving to give these assessments. To often are we presented with a client who needs something but wants the price to be beaten to a “favor”able fee. Clients facing repairs in an unexpected turn are looking to get the most of their repair budgets. To often Service Professionals offer expertise only to find that is for nil and even at a loss if they spent time driving to assess the FREE ESTIMATE.

In past, service professionals are either combating competitive shopping and adjusted prices or winning the work and having to return after the shopping is over. Either way it is costly to sustain when driving to assess a situation is part of the equation.

Empowered to be Powered by BidMyVid® means better bottom line and saved time!

We desire to EMPOWER Service Professionals. To offer strength and a way to give a helping hand in a digital solution. Skipping the drive to look at 1-3 projects per year saves enough in operations costs between wear and tear on fleet, ever increasing fuel costs, time in wages, business operations costs and more to pay for this evolutionary digital tool now available for your tool based business.

Each time clients request for a comparison bid to be given, there are several service professionals that may be focused to earn the business. Each contractor taking a moment of time to drive and assess. Each contractor taking a moment of time to discuss the needs. Each contractor taking a moment of time to source and price and prepare a bid for acceptance; and for each moment taken, the client does the same, like a parrot, sharing the needs that must be addressed. This leads to countless time being wasted never to have value seen from the investment of that time. This can also lead to apples-to-oranges comparisons when details are left out from one conversation to another between the client and service professional.

This can all be simplified by using BidMyVid® as a video portal tool to avoid the drives to assess and minimize the drives to address. Each contracting professional is given a private video portal that is accessible with a QR Code and Digital Link. Each time existing and new clients reach out, they can send the request directly to their favorite contractor.

Contractors can place their links in any place digital. Social media, websites, blogs, groups or anywhere a link can be accessed. QR Codes are also available to place on mediums such as service vehicles, websites and business cards to keep it simple when connecting for service repairs.


When you set up your service provider account, you will get your digital link as part of your APP accesses. Our Opportunities Success Team will create your BidMyVid landing page and embed your QR Code and basic links for you to share as a resource outside of your contractor profile within the app.

You can use this to copy and past within your own website to educate your clients on how to reach you with a video submission. If you don’t have a website, this QR Page can help you land clients as it can serve as your business landing page to tell perspective clients the best way to reach you and save you both time.

Download Today and Save the Drive Tomorrow!

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