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by The Fix It Queen

November 9, 2021

The Fix It Queen™


Drive LESS, win MORE!

What does the drive cost?

Looking at a simple metric of actual time spent, cost of gas, insurance, wear and tear on the fleet, the management of inventory on the service vehicle, the cost to operate the business in overhead, etc. the cost of a “FREE ESTIMATE” to a micro to small business can range $80-$300+ on average. Calculating it in a business plan is a whole discussion.

Match that with competitive marketplace of instant gratification and you have the perfect recipe for endless hours of wasted time that drives the cost of service up when it involves a DRIVE.

Going the EXTRA MILE… but not driving it!

Service and Contracting Professionals are being pulled in ALL directions. Literally and figuratively. As the scarcity of masters in skilled trade becomes more obvious, the existing labor pool is over-burdened and not able to train new participants fast enough. Driving further to cover larger service areas and even FLIGHTS to other states due to lack of available skilled trades is something that is becoming the norm. Niche service professionals are being pulled into other markets and stretching into the overlap between skilled trades to solve the scarcity issues but rising demand for service and construction SKILLED LABOR.

As the advancement of digital solutions become a bigger part everyday life, service professionals are finding new ways to create a better quality of life. The methods of engineering have changed and so has the fabric of available skilled solutionists available and able to remedy challenges with new methods in approach.

As the building materials and engineer of them advance, it is crucial to save time for the counter part of installation and the skilled labor needed to do so. Using BidMyVid® is a way that skilled labor and contracting professionals can align on the highest level to source capabilities needed for issues across the nation. Our team is ready, willing and able to help deploy the tool your business to aid in the requests coming into your business. Managing other tasks that are more important to delivering services that handle the construction industry changes are possible with the time saved.

Construction is becoming harder to “service.”

Simplified and cost-effective building materials such as foam fabrication and 3-D Concrete print fabrication options come with challenging construction methods of installation. Standard and older building methods must change due to the growing gap in supply chains for the raw materials to finished building materials being limited. Housing developers attempting to innovatively solve housing shortages in various geographic locations that have different economic constructs create more marginal costs.

Overall, this is a conundrum of concern. At the intersection is the TRADES PROFESSIONAL. Bombarded with requests for help. Bombarded with “digital tools” for their business to help “it” run better. Bombarded with sales platforms offering more confusion. Bombarded with GUILT for not having enough TIME for what is truly important. For all the bombarding is the urgencies that need a simple solution. One overlooked as Trades Professionals hit a wall.

This wall comes in the collapse in building of STRONG BUSINESSES. Trades professionals enter the journey of service, it often comes without chance of higher learning or without bandwidth to hold all the details in. Learning skills on the job and training as an apprentice going to mastery of that skill can leave the business muscle under developed.

Building a better tomorrow starts today!

Building a business that builds things has it’s challenges. First off, trades pros know their tools but when growth occurs, it can expose weakness in systems and the use of them. Contractors and service businesses are using so many tools attempting to catch up to the digitization that has occurred it can leave things even more complex. Software to manage clients, software to mange marketing, software to manage reporting and bookkeeping, and perhaps none at all except the “spreadsheet” and notebook methods of our predecessors.

With any cluster or chaos of challenge, it is important to not be controlled or overwhelmed by its’ variables. It is important to know what is important. The value of time is the key to it all. With more time, learning all the various ways to run better business can happen in a moment. Saving time in your service business from those hours once spent “on the road” will lead to the needed time to work ON the service business instead of IN it without return. The fastest way to gaining the time back from driving endlessly is to use BidMyVid daily in your business to avoid unnecessary hours on the road that lead to NO WHERE!

Join Contractors NATIONWIDE who get to skip the DRIVE, win the BID and save the TIME!

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