About Us

What took HOURS now takes MINUTES!

The value of giving TIME back is priceless!

When Using BidMyVid you will save valued time compared to the old way of getting service estimates.  Waiting for 2-Hour windows for an estimate, not to mention multiple hours for multiple estimates can be a time-buster.

BidMyVid is the APP that SAVES TIME and makes getting service SIMPLE!

We strive to ensure that opportunity and solution are aligned and deliver results!  We are driven to develop solutions that are symbiotic and simple. Governed by ethical and measurable actions, we are accountable to our users.

Why devote 5 hours for what now takes 5 minutes?

BMV Inc.

Mission Statement

BMV Inc. is changing the way skilled-trades providers initiate and facilitate their service by reinventing the services marketplace. By empowering clients to film and narrate their needs, which allow service providers to bid remotely and arrive more prepared, we are able to offer cost-effective lead generation in a growing market of high-cost platforms. With use of video, BMV Inc. has created simple ways that allow for confidence and swift action by all users.

Vision Statement

We believe that OUR EXISTENCE is for the sole purpose of restoring trust and loyalty. We’ve devoted our efforts to developing products and methods to do just that! As we continue developing these products and executing the delivery of them, we positively impact our social and environmental surroundings. From our success together, we shall achieve our highest goal, reigniting participation in Service and Trades occupations. It’s our way of giving back to the services that serve all of US.