Is that Ok?

by The Fix It Queen

November 8, 2021

The Fix It Queen™


It’s a win, win….. WIN!

Join others that are helping NATIONWIDE so that we can connect with ease and get repairs DONE in one take!

Chances are you have landed on this page because you are a 10/10 and perfect fit to work with our team to help your family, friends and business clients in a way that helps you, which helps our business too. That’s a ton of help going around! It’s a triple WIN for sure.

Here is how we all WIN together:

  1. Sign up for our IS THAT OK? Program
  2. Complete your e-sign Program Agreement.
  3. Receive your affiliate page and instructions for sharing.
  4. Share your affiliate page both online and in-person.
  5. Start receiving Base Earnings* and Bonus Bucks**

Share to your personal and business connections the BidMyVid® Business Software that saves time!

Everyone you know will be able to arm them selves with this unique time saving utility-tool so they are ready to add Contractors Powered by BidMyVid® to their app tool to connect easily in the future.

The service-based businesses you know whom visit your”YOUR PAGE NAME HERE” landing page are able to download BidMyVid® with your page link to start saving time with BidMyVid® today so they can skip the drive tomorrow.

Who doesn’t like AUTOMATIC checks in the MAIL!

AUTOMATICALLY gain BASE EARNINGS* For each location of participation, earn $25.00 per QUARTER as our BidMyVid® Is That OK? Affiliate Program member! Base earnings payout are issued each fiscal Quarter.

QTR 1 (Jan-Mar) Statement and Check issued by Dec 20th

QTR 2 (Apr-Jun) Statement and Check issued by March 20th

QTR 3 (Jul-Sep) Statement and Check issued by June 20th

QTR 4 (Oct-Dec) Statement and Check issued by Sept 20th

Who doesn’t like RESIDUAL checks in the MAIL!

Bonus Bucks** help you as you help us! Each time a service professional completes the ANNUAL Subscription to BidMyVid® it will trigger the release of 1 Bonus Buck to both parties. Your organization will receive Bonus Bucks as well as the service professional on your behalf as a THANK YOU!

1 Bonus Buck = $29.00**

Each Quarter you will receive a statement and CHECK from the previous quarters’ opt-in participants. You will earn 1 Bonus Buck Credit for each service professional that opts in to receive a BONUS BUCK from your program. That service professional will receive the same bonus credit issued to them on your behalf.

QTR 1 (Jan-Mar) Statement and Check issued by April 20th

QTR 2 (Apr-Jun) Statement and Check issued by July 20th

QTR 3 (Jul-Sep) Statement and Check issued by October 20th

QTR 4 (Oct-Dec) Statement and Check issued by January 20th

*Base Earnings 
come from placement of signage for the APP TOOL in theTools Section and at refreshment sections in local distribution chain locations. 

**Bonus Buck Credits are a value of up to 10% of the annual software subscription fees which are subject to adjustment

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