Construction Project Complete: What Comes Next?

by Stephen Pucek

October 28, 2021



Design Phase

The first thing to do is assess the size of the project. This will help you find its cost and give you enough information to create an estimate. Cost can be important for some people. Once you’ve provided your estimate and agree to the construction plan, the next steps are to schedule, review the materials selection to ensure you are ready to complete the project as proposed.

Construction Phase

Before the project starts, materials need to be checked to ensure that they are readily available and ordered.

The contractor then reviews the site before starting construction to ensure everything is ready. Inspections should include all area’s that will be involved in the construction process.

Post Construction Phase

Once the job is completed it’s important that you take pictures and videos of the construction site. This will allow you to share the pre construction phase as well as what the job looked like after final inspection. This information is critical to assist with winning future construction contract.

Documenting the pre-construction and post construction photo’s works as a rolling portfolio for customers to view.

Now that you have all the photo’s from the site. Contractors should take the time to follow-up with the customer to ensure that they are satisfied with the work that was provided. It’s also important to reach out to the customer for future referrals and potential projects.

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Set yourself up for success with future construction projects

Business growth happens at a higher rate when we increase our client retention rates. This is no different when working as a general contractor. You’re an expert in the construction industry.

How do we naturally increase our customer retention without pestering the customer? We do this through education! You are the expert of your craft. Help your customers become on the same page. Through the power of email and text messages we can very easily remind our clients about seasonal projects such are blowing out sprinklers, maintaining the air conditioning.

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