Move with Intention

by The Fix It Queen

October 6, 2021

The Fix It Queen Academy™


WEDNESDAY WISDOM with The Fix It Queen Academy

Wednesday Wisdom: Move with Intention

Wednesday Wisdom posed this question, What is WISDOM?

Wisdom is simply the understanding through experience which leads to actions backed from good judgement. The wisdom of today from The Fix It Queen Academy is to take a moment and reflect. From this reflection it is easy to see where past steps were made that led one off path.

Business ownership is challenging. You don’t know what you don’t know and through that walk you learn. As you remain humble to serve with your purpose, you LEARN. As this happens, growth and the expansion from that knowledge can create memorable moments of guidance. Growth is painful. Losing for winning is something not for the faint of heart. It takes CLARITY. It takes FOCUS. It takes COMMITMENT. It takes PERSISTENCE. It takes PRESENCE. From this deep knowing on those accounts, the INTENTION that drives the actions is thus, executed wisdom.

Failure is not meant to keep you from trying beyond what you know. If that were true, we would never walk, but only ever roll over, or crawl. Past that stage is PAIN. Past that is the FALL. But is it is a fall into faith knowing why you started has worth. The vision that started it all has value. It is in this moment that we muster all we KNOW and HAVE to launch and make adjustments from there as we propel forward.

Pain is not painful, but aimful!

The moment past the fall is where our bells can ring. Where we can react in a trauma to never try again. But wait, it’s not meant to never try again, but to TRY AGAIN! Not that way, but another. For what you see and saw as possible still is. You know more now in that you tried and found one way that did not progress to the goal. The goal is still the GOAL! You were born to dream then create! The goal allows a measurement of progress for adjustment. Again, you don’t know what you don’t know but the challenges cause you to seek. Seek more information in what form you can receive. Through a mentorship, a collogue, business group or YouTube channel. Once we know what did not work, we must seek more answers on how it COULD work differently. Try and try again. It is done as long as you continue moving though the solutions’ delivery.

Move with Intuition!

After regaining a clarity in adjusted moment from unexpected variables, having the clarity of your goal and directives will allow you to make an action that will realign the track towards progress. Having access to intuition means that your mindset is in a different receptive state than when the challenge interjected. For when there is a problem, the solution is also present. But, the solution is never in the same place as the problems origination. The problem lives in one space and the solution is in the opposing space where the problem does not exist. One can not exist with out the other and solutions are not present without challenge.

Shock and trauma response can keep us in the vicinity of problem awareness and less in the space of solution receptivity. Clarity on the goals will allow the transition between these space to occur faster. Insight will come as chaos ensues. When you are calibrated to a solution channel there are no land mines that can thwart the delivery of the execution to that solution.

Self-sabotage and blame become a distant thought and memory of exchanges in past. Forward tasks and deadlines to deliver and support the goal and its’ progress become the only directive. There is nothing that will stop this type of participation because it is not tied to monetary gain but qualitative purpose in a quantitate state to improve life by the continued offering of the product and/or service. It all makes sense, and then makes dollars.

Clarity is key and with it, the movement by intuition will help with the timing of solutions and the progress as a result!

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