Contractors, Community, Friends and Family, ARE YOU IN?

We are NOT them!

I am not HER, I am Amanda – The Fix It Queen™ and Angi, she has nothing on me and our teams dedication to change the way services are shared!

Thank you for helping, thank you for being part of this journey unfolding to change the way services are shared! It’s exciting and as we grow from yesterday (Thursday 4/7) being at a 120 base user on our app to TODAY having an opportunity to continue growing into 1,000s as the Westword Denver 2-Page Article is released, our team is humbled.

To make it more FUN, we are competing for the MAXIM COVER as The Fix It Queen was invited to compete to be the next Maxim Covergirl for 2022! Vote Daily to WIN the PRIZE and Opt-In to OWN IT! Our community funding round will be opening SOON and as you help us with daily votes we will also notify you once the community funding round it open so you can invest in what you support already!

↓ Push PLAY for the BREAKING NEWS!

We HELP Contractors, not HURT them!

But we need you to know, we are not them, I am not HER (Angi Home Services). We are not hurting Contractors and the community the serve. We desire deeply to help with all pain points that contractors have so they can service the community with more ease!

BidMyVid® is our 1st successful effort to do so with many other solutions on the way. BUT, we need YOU! We ask you to help. No just help as we tune up the crowdfunding deal that you are opting into….. but we NEED YOU to help find the bugs so our team can fix it! We were BUILT to change it and we desire to do so with ever code line written. But let’s face it, we are only a small and passionate team and your devices carry the key. As you become part of our early adaptor community you HELP in ways we could not imagine. As you find glitches our team puts in the fixes ASAP. With our team working triple duty, the goal is to have the crowdfunding deal coming bring the development team in full time so we can all save time even FASTER!

The cost of service is going up, but it doesn’t have too!

Patience is what we need of you too! We are not THEM. We do not have unlimited resources with our “Minute Made Lemonade” in the freezer section at full scale. We are very much like the kids on the corner selling the BEST LEMONADE you could ever imagine. Your willingness to help with feedback on bugs and glitches will help us grow from a lemonade stand to a small brick and mortar juice shop. I know that is a weird analogy, but that is really what it is. So many have come upon us thinking we are a full fledged TECH COMPANY with full support and resources. I mean, we kind of look like we do, but we are a STARTUP and we are inviting you to be a believer and join us on this journey!


So, we say, THANK YOU! From the depths of our heart, we are full of gratitude as there are hundreds that are LOVING the lemonade we created and soon with your help that will grow into 1,000s and then 10,000s and beyond.


Thank you for downloading the APP and loading your service requests into it so contractors can skip the DRIVE, win the BID and save the TIME while helping you get repairs done in one take!


Thank you for understanding that contractors are busy and as we grow the response to your requests will come faster and faster as we all desire to be taken care of but know that there are fewer service and trades professionals there to do so. If we look at the electrical sector alone we can see the true challenges. With 600K+ registered electricians nationally and 1/4 to 1/3 being independent businesses and the other 2/3 to 3/4 being staff bigger companies, you can see how challenging it may be to connect 329 million people nationally to a contractor with enough time to get to it all.


Now is the time and we invite you to join us by opting into the crowdfunding interest list! We will pursue the crowdfunding deal and when we push “GO” you will be the 1st to know. You will be the embers that spark a wildfire of change. You will make a difference in the lives of millions of service professionals across 1,000s of service categories. You will responsible for helping them have more time to take care of the community and most importantly, take care of their families. You will be the cause of why the have enough time to go to their kids ball game while not loosing out on opportunities that the would have to drive to. YOU WILL be the change you wish to see and that is exciting.

As our team has dedicated 1,000’s of hours to give time back to contractors nationwide it excites us to share this EPIC announcement that was BUILT for contractors in a way to help keep the cost of service down! We will be livestreaming in a quick 5 minute sharing of this epic news and invite you to join us!

It was BUILT for you! You can join us on this EPIC journey to change the way service is shared!

We are excited to share with the community what began as a BIG Announcement, turned into something truly HUGE and now had developed into a GRAND OPPORTUNITY! In the live broadcast from Friday 3/25/2022 we let you in on something that has become GRAND that is BUILT for you! On this journey of dreams you have watched an unfolding and are on this page and opportunity as an inner circle of connection that has helped us get there. From your support across the social media platforms to in-person and more, you have been there every step of the way.


Now is the time! It could be more perfect on the heels of the Federal Trade Commission filing charges on Home Advisor aka Angi Home Services for hurting contractors with predatory practices in early March 2022, to join us in this mission to continue changing the way services are shared. With the rise in gas prices and growing demand for service and repair needs upon us this spring and summer, you can BE THE CHANGE you wish to see! Over the next few weeks we will keep you in the loop of details as we make the campaign LIVE for you, your friends and family.


As a platform that has been funded by Contractors for Contractors and the friends and family that support them, it makes perfect sense to offer this opportunity that has turned into something GRAND! Enter your email below and we will be sure to keep you posted when the campaign goes LIVE in April 2022!