It’s REALLY BIG and we can’t wait to share more… because it was BUILT for you and BIG is an understatement!


BidMyVid® is excited to say that we will be featured in Westword Denver Magazine in a 2-Page spread about the value we bring contractors and community with The Ultimate Digital Utility Tool™ that gives time back!

Be on the look out for HUGE things unfolding as we share more about the details that will be in The BEST of Denver edition of Westword Magazine!

UPDATE: 3/14/2022

WOW is an understatement as I completed the interview that I will share more about with you all tomorrow! Join me in a Livestream broadcast as I share the BIG NEWS!

This is something I never thought would occur…. in the way that it did. It brought me to tears and was one of the most difficult moments shared as I went through the interview.

This one was BUILT FOR YOU and it excites me to my soul’s core as I get to say WHAT THE BIG deal is all about.

Watch the Facebook LIVESTREAM announcement at 5pm MST on 3/15/2022

UPDATE: 3/9/2022

Said… It’s BIG!

Actually, they said….

BIG is an understatement because this IS A GAME CHANGER! Each day we get closer to sharing with you the grand news that was BUILT for you!

Are you coming? You have been following the journey and unfolding, we want you to be ON this journey and we are 11 days away from sharing even more about how that looks!

From there we are 18 days out from the BIGGEST unfolding for Contractors and the Community! For now, stay tuned to our BIG page because this next one is for you!

UPDATE: 3/7/2022

2 back to back meetings to further the details on this BIG opportunity have happened. So much has to happen before we can let the draw bridge down in our efforts to share the GREAT NEWS. This is going to be the BIGGEST of all for 2022 and our goals include YOU! Next week we will be even closer to sharing the details but for now, the details we can share are as follows…

PREPARATION: In-Progress! We are progressing in the preparedness to keep you on this journey with us! It’s about time that we win together and this is just the start of that adventure!

PARTICIPATION: GROWING! As we include a select few that get to HELP us prepare, it excites us to know that we are closer than we have ever been to sharing this GREAT NEWS with you. In the past few weeks and in this and the next week coming the joy of people joining us is exciting. What that means is that there will be even more of you who will be able to come along for what is next.

After all, what is next was BUILT FOR YOU!

THE BIG DEAL: 3/2/22

What’s the BIG deal anyway?

On March 15th, 2022 the BIGGEST of announcements is coming. As we get closer we will update the BIG page to share more details as it unfolds! This is something you won’t want to miss.

This will be bigger and better than the coming of UBER as it will affect the fabric of America. The BIG NEWS will shed light on how we can CHANGE the lives of MILLIONS together. It will be the best NEWS of 2022 and beyond, and YOU are in on it!

Visit as we continue to share small insights that keep you in the loop. You won’t want to miss it as it was built FOR YOU and your closest friends and family.