Save the WORLD Elon Musk!

Twitter bought by Elon Musk and he said he will delete?!?

We are on the same mission but a different position!

As we passionately pursue BidMyVid® so The Ultimate Digital Utility Tool can rein as the BEST Utility Platform driven with purpose, we know it is so we can free the people so they CAN LIVE a life outside of the DOT COM box.

As Elon Musk keeps his word, our goal is to help the mission along so everyone can enjoy LIFE outside of the “FAKE” platforms that lead to loss of presence and time.

This a HUGE undertaking to create the best Utility Platform and as we do it is a GRAND action to make this EPIC move together. As we prepare to release the CrowdFunding Deal so the community can continue to join us in changing the way services are shared, it will be even better without all the social media and marketing platform BS

Twitter purchase by Elon Musk is only propelling it all with a gust of wind to help it further along!

As BidMyVid® moves to addressing head on, all the platforms that hurt Contractors, such as Home Advisor that is now Angi Home Services, we are not the only ones that see the damage that DOT COM has created. With the FTC filing charges on Angi for Predatory practices and failing to operate with ethics that put the people first, social media platforms are not too far of from this pattern as they keep people in a false reality of perception based on what people post to position themselves without authenticity.

So we say, Elon Musk, please do… so BidMyVid® can keep it simple by connecting contractors and community when its needed without all the BS that can cause loss and poor connections! It is sad that people are not aware of the toxic environment that platforms can create. As we help the contractors and community understand what Elon Musk knows in depth, it is easy to see the solution is bold action such as TWEETS that will delete these patterns that hurt humans in the deepest way. The MIND is the creative haven and social platforms do not help.

Disconnected on Social Media, but stay connected on the BEST utility platform EVER!

Now, I am not saying that is how it started. With all adventures, they typically start with goodness in mind. But soon as money becomes a focus rather than improving the human connection and quality of life, it can become a infection to the lives of millions that drink the kool-aid who are misinformed. Social platforms was a way for disconnected people to get connected. It became a way for long time connections lost to be restored. But over time, with various features that created distortion through filters and misperception, it became a toxic environment that did not represent authentically the human expression

Elon Musk has always been authentic in all his TWEETS throughout the Twitter Platform and other Social Platforms, but that is not to say that everyone has that built within.

You see, the mind is a labyrinth where getting lost in the neuropaths of what we think others think of us can create a map that goes no where and can lead to depression.

So often on social platforms people have a judging eye based on who is posting what and and from there judgement can seep in like poison to cast judgement without having a full picture.

BidMyVid® is a Utility Platform with a Purpose!

Elon Musk is proposing for us to go and LIVE LIFE. This allows us to connect with a desire to have depth beyond the surface of what social platforms offer. Social Media does nothing but create pinhole perspectives that distort the human layer of connection even more. Elon Musk put a TWEET out on his newly acquired TWITTER platform to spark introspection.

What would you do if we had no social media platforms? Would you lose your worth and ability to converse because hiding behind a profile that does not show all the degrees of you has kept you safe? Would you realize that social skills have degraded because people have been able to toss out a quick TWEET or social post to share what the want people to see vs. having the social adaptability to communicate? No matter the answer, the truth is that social platforms, marketing platforms and search platforms do not TELL the TRUTH!

Social Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more do not allow a depth of knowing the truth. They are distortions of expression showing what they want you to see as part of a marketing approach. At the same token, Marketing Platforms take huge advantage of the community and businesses that support it by gouging the value of ranking websites of selling leads. As we see that in marketing platforms such as ANGI, it took nearly 20 years to get the FTC to help the public and file charges because the marketing platforms were and are harming the community and public at large.

BidMyVid® is a UTILITY PLATFORM that will and has changed the way services are shared. Creating a private video portal for service contractors who use it to save time in a nationwide capacity, the value of time is becoming known. Driving to see something that was through a “ISO Post” on Social Media, or even a direct text or contact form can still be a loss. Why stop to talk and lose productivity when the community now has a way to SHOW the service contractors what is needed? It is truly a game changer.

Though we are early stage, it is timed right for the rise in gas prices that keep the cost of services going in an upward trend. There are better ways to connect and social platforms can create a loss just the same as marketing platforms. With search engine platforms offering “search results” based on who can market better, there is still a huge distortion and place where deception can take affect on the people that are in service industry. The buck stops here, literally. With BidMyVid® contractors can have a private video portal for as little as $1.36/day and that is more value than can be imagined when factoring in the cost of driving to see a project that may or may not be a fit.

We are here to give time back and our team truly feels we were built to change it… so we shall continue our efforts and we want to thank Elon Musk for carving a trail that makes the journey a little easier for us all to be connected with transparency and trust and without the social media BS that comes from a quick TWEET or social post that does not share the fullness of the topic.

BidMyVid® offers nothing but the truth as community members have access to contractors’ before and after project job boards and single touch verification to licenses and and insurance among many other features. This was made by contractors for contractors in a way to be the TRUE solution as we are master solutionists! Ready out of the box so set up is non-existent, contractors save time in so many ways!