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Services Types CURRENTLY offered:

Home Vids

If you are looking to have services done at your home, look no further.  Bid My Vid is designed to save you time and offer piece of mind!  Post a Video to describe in detail your needs so you can compare pricing “apples-to-apples” for the first time!  Save time, compare and secure the transaction to ensure the job is done!

Business Vids

Do you have a business or own rental property?  Bid My Vid can save you time taking care of your business so you can handle the things that matter most!  Bid My Vid will deliver service providers that are readily available so your business keeps running!  Save time, order services quickly, solve your service problems with a Vid!  You’ll be glad you did!

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Service Types that will be COMING SOON!

Unique Vids

Are you not sure if you can get that antique soda machine restored?  Did you get your grandpas’ WWII leather trunk that has seen better days and now you want give it needed attention?  Or maybe you have an old chair that needs upholstery replacement to give it new life?   Bid My Vid can help connect clients with unique needs to those that possess special talents!

Auto Vids

Bid My Vid makes it easy to get your vehicle detailed or order mobile maintenance services.  From oil changes to tune-ups, wax service to upholstery cleaning, Bid My Vid can make your ride ACTION ready!  Bid My Vid can connect you to qualified Auto Services to make auto ownership easy!  Don’t let that dent continue to ding your nerve!

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If you need services, Bid My Vid makes it simple to order the right service provider for the job.  Just post a video describing in detail your needs and qualified and rated service providers will bid on your Vid!  Don’t waste more time waiting for estimate appointments.  Get “apple-to-apple” bids on EXACTLY what you want, not what they want to sell you! Pay for the project with the “Piece of Mind” Pay portal to ensure the work is done right before the service provider get paid!

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