Home Vids

Home Repair Projects

Do you have something that needs to be repaired? Maybe an faucet that drips or water heater that pings?  Bid My Vid makes it easy to address the little things that bug us in big ways!  So don’t deal with that bathroom fan noise any longer!  Post your video and narrate your needs to hand have a professional install one that’s stronger! Finding a service provider that can address big and small needs is not as hard as you think!

Installation and Assembly Services

Do you have something that needs assembled, installed? Bid My Vid is a simple way to get that task done.  Faucet for your kitchen bought at your local designer fixture retailer? No problem!  Installation of new fixtures could not be easier.  With the Bid My Vid APP you can save time, Bid My Vid can help you get things done.

New Builds, Additions and Remodels

Are you thinking of building a custom home?  Maybe not that adventurous?  Well, perhaps just an addition or pop-top to add space your existing place?  Bid My Vid makes it easy get all the moving parts going it the right direction.  With Bid My Vid, you are able to act General Contractor and find the best to handle the project top to bottom, all you need to do is post your vid detailing and narrating what you want!

What does Bid My Vid do?

When you choose to use Bid My Vid you are choosing piece of mind.  We are a tool that enables you to trust that your project will be done.  No longer are the days of deposits that disappear like a magic trick leaving your home as the bad joke.  By using qualified service providers through Bid My Vid you’re ensured to have success in completing any project without losing a dime or one minute of unnecessary time.

APP Download Coming Soon!

When the APP is available for download, you will begin to experience real-time change to the way services are ordered and trust and loyalty are created!

APP Download Coming Soon!