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How to submit a video for my project

TRUST.  A simple word really, but it can become complex when you offer it to someone only to find that you are left taken advantage of.  BidMyVid® was created in efforts to make the exchange of services mutually beneficial.  Our efforts are spent creating software application designs that aim to restore trust and foster loyalty.  It is our mission to do so and because of this it is our highest passion to maintain quality over quantity when it comes to the service professionals in our network.  

We will do all we can to create ways that offer trust for both homeowners and contractors in unique ways.  No longer do you have to open your door to service contractors for competing bids, wasting countless hours waiting during arrival windows.  With BidMyVid® you simply shoot a video narrating your needs as if the contractor was standing there with you!  You can be as detailed and specific as you need to communicate your desires.  This gives you an opportunity to see comparison quotes in an “apples to apples” perspective WITHOUT the high pressure sales experience or wasting precious time during estimate windows.

TRUST is important.  The quality of workmanship is a close second.  Luckily the BidMyVid® Service Professionals are vetted and rated for your ease of selecting the one that best fits your budget and overall needs.  

Your satisfaction is our #1 goal; we strive to achieve this goal among many and invite you to join in the receiving the values and benefits by using the BidMyVid® APP! 

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How to submit a video for my project

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How to submit a video for my project