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Our one mission is to restore trust and loyalty with simple solutions so that clients and contractors are able to take care of life’s challenges in a much easier way.



BidMyVid® get repairs DONE in one TAKE!

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How to submit a video for my project

Tired of driving to meet to get comparison bids?

Meeting contractors and service professionals can be time consuming.  Skip the arrival windows when using BidMyVid® to get repairs DONE in one TAKE!  Using your smartphone to shoot videos of repairs and installation needs can remove anxiety.  No more high-pressure sales experiences.  Get “Apples-To-Apples” bids on what YOU want, not what your sold.

Worried about lost deposits for work incomplete?

When using BidMyVid® you can act on your service requests with confidence.  Not only is our networks of quality service professionals at the ready to help when you need it most, we ensure you’re satisfied and give you the tools to help.  We give you ways to solve issues if you are not.  We are there to foster trust and we will do all we can to ensure your experience leaves you coming back again!

Have more time for what is important! Maybe an extra cup of coffee!

Let’s face it, waiting is not fun.  With all the demands of today it is no wonder that people are short and irritated.  Waiting in line at the store, waiting at the stoplight, repeatedly.  Waiting in traffic.  Waiting for the elevator.  Waiting at the doctors office.  Waiting for a meeting to start.  Is this starting to paint a picture for you?  Our goal is to SAVE TIME so you can do more of what you enjoy.  We invite you to download BidMyVid® and STOP waiting for 2-Hour Arrival windows for bids when you can shoot a video and carry on with your life.  It’s possible to get repairs done in one take with BidMyVid®!

We make digital tools to make your life simple!

Because we strive to create ways to create trust and loyalty with digital solutions, it is not a surprise that video would be a staple towards the solution.  We have come so far in this adventure to bring the right digital tools to your smartphone.  We are excited to invite you to join us and download BidMyVid® so it can grow with your feedback in mind.  Together we can continue to solve problems that some of us began the journey of years ago!  It’s fun and we want you have a part!

Keep track of your repair projects with more detail than ever before.

Home repairs are no fun.  Keeping track of them is not a priority.  Then there comes a time when you wish that you had the receipt for warranty, for taxes, to use the contractor again or maybe to refer them.  With BidMyVid® you can rest assured that your repair contacts and records are stored and at the ready for when you need them most.  No only are basics such as invoice amount and date or contractor available, full records of what work was requested as well as what videos or pictures the contractor uploaded are there too.



“Solving the challenges of communicating repair needs in ways so simple, it’s silly!”
Amanda M. Metzger
Founder and CEO

BidMyVid™ get repairs DONE in one TAKE!
BidMyVid® get repairs DONE in one TAKE!

How to submit a video for my project


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