Happy Thanksgiving!

BidMyVid is wishing everyone the Happiest Thanksgiving of all. What better way to express thanks than to offer the DEAL OF A LIFETIME!


for helping Service Providers reduce miles and hours on the road while helping automate their service business.

Skip the DRIVE. Win the BID. Save the TIME.



We say thank you each day and today is no different. We do not wait until a day to say these special words for when we utter them in each moment along the way, we get to continue to deliver to you better than we could imagine.


We are passionate about helping service providers with various pain-points in there service business. We aim to give time back by creating ready-to-use solutions for lead connections, estimates, invoicing, scheduling and reputation automation.


The only full transparency service tool sharing what was asked for and what was delivered. No more STAR-Reviews and meaningless comments; show before and after videos and pictures of completed projects.

Thanksgiving Deal: 

Pay 1-Time and get LIFETIME access!


Using the easiest tool ever made for service providers creates access for prospective clients to look at completed projects. No more paid or unverified reviews systems, no more STAR ratings and comments from directory sites, only projects that were verified complete will be available to share with your new and existing clients.



  • Simple Job Board functions!
  • Unlimited capacity for photo and video keeping your service business streamlined!
  • Send estimates and invoices in minutes!
  • Scheduling in seconds!
  • Reputation management instantly!
  • Unlimited Video Requests for Repairs and Remodel Projects!


  •  Receive unlimited Video Requests for repairs and remodel projects directly from your QR Code and Digital Link!


Existing clients can connect with you as you share your digital link and they can introduce new projects and properties without it cluttering them in a text message.


New clients can scan your QR Code while you are headed to or from a project, supply house or home and they can send a video request directly to your PENDING tab without interrupting your route and schedule. 

You can review and reply at a time that is not a distraction from your current job at hand.

Get your Platinum Level Access – Lifetime Offer today and skip the drive tomorrow!


Normally: $1,997/year

Today: Only 1-Payment of $499.25

Using BidMyVid® to simplify and streamline communication from inquiries can increase profitability. Maintaining focus on-site can greatly reduce errors and repeat trips creating a positive experience for your clients, new and existing.

The best types of businesses that benefit from using BidMyVid® are those that are construction or service and repair based who need to save time in their growing business.

ZERO technical or marketing skill needed! Enjoy ready out-of-the-box solutions for service-based businesses!

Did you know that Service Providers have less time to spare than the average attention span of a GOLDFISH?

As odd and crazy as that sounds, it’s 100% TRUE! It’s this sad but TRUE reality that can make things extremely difficult for those of us trying to connect with clients who truly need, value and appreciate our services.

With 100,000’s of service businesses competing for the one TRUE value, having more TIME in their business, it can be next-to-impossible to have even 1/2 the time of the attention span of a goldfish.

Because of this, we were inspired to focus on a solution designed by service providers for service providers. As this ULTIMATE DIGITAL UTILITY TOOL was created, it was not forged without failures before something truly useful came to be.

So, how exactly DO YOU gain from our struggle to create the only APP Service Providers will ever need?

Your gain is more than time, it’s what you will get to do with it that matters most. Set more install appointments, take time off, work on your business instead of in your business; the possibilities are endless! Get started Today!

It’s EASY to share your Service Provider Profile to new and existing clients.

Reduce interruptions from LEADS that lead your attention away from the project at hand. Share your Service Provider Profile to receive repair and remodel needs directly to your PENDING tab. Have opportunities waiting for you vs. leads and interruptions taking from you. There are no fees to connect within your Service Provider Tool, just simple ways to keep track of important details to aid in even more time savings value!

Let your work show! No Reviews, No STAR ratings, just transparency of what was asked and what was delivered!

Let automation be your friend with transparency features built in! Each project you complete will automatically populate for you to review and access in future as well as for potential clients whom need your services can see. No longer are you dependent on the review websites and star ratings that can be easily bought. Using BidMyVid® allows access to the TRUTH about what you can do for your clients and their project needs!