Service Business KPI Metrics

What are your KPIs?

As a trades professional and service business owner, I didn’t always know how to measure the performance of my business though I knew what needed to be done to complete a project.  It took years to of running business to know that there are keep performance indicators that we should be looking at to measure the health of the business. When I started BidMyVid® from having ran my service business and learning that connection to client is important, I had no idea that it would lead to even more resources and help for service businesses.  Our contractors that service the BidMyVid® Client base now have access to even more resources that are aimed to help each of them run a Positive Cash Flow Business with and exit strategy.  Through, contractors can understand more about how to grow and scale a profitable business and have an exit strategy on how growth will happen!

For contractors needing a little help for gaining more opportunities, BidMyVid® is a great way to connect with clients needing repair services.  It is quick and easy, download the APP today!