SAVE TIME on repairs with BidMyVid®

Why Wait?
Shoot a video and skip the arrival window!

Tired of waiting for service contractors to give you a bid on a repair or home renovation project?  

Wait NO MORE!  

Simply shoot a video and say what you need as if the contractor is there and skip the wait!  

Use your time for what you want and review bids later!   

Clients are now armed with a digital tool that empowers precision project alignment with service repair professionals.  Designed by Service Contractors, this tool was created as permanent fix to the time vacuum caused by multiple service trips to the project site and supply houses.  With this and many other things in mind, we are proud to offer this APP as a safe and secure platform designed to SAVE TIME for all users!

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Clients SAVE TIME!

  • Shoot a Video – Say what you need Repaired and skip the high-pressure sales pitches!
  • Review BIDS for your project on your time and skip the 2-Hour Arrival windows!
  • Select a Contractor with Leading-Edge Digital Vetting tools that allow you to know more!
  • Pay for the work and have the funds RELEASED when you are satisfied!

Contractors SAVE TIME!

  • Eyes-On-Site allow Contractors to arrive more prepared!
  • Price repair projects without rolling a service vehicle!
  • Align with clients ready, willing and able to contract for your services!
  • STOP Chasing the money! We ACH the funds when the project is DONE and the client satisfied!

APPLE Store Download

ANDROID Store Download

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*We ask for your patience as we continue signing up quality-conscious contractors looking to connect with new clients needing repair services.  As we continue these efforts, repair videos posted will receive responses in a faster rate.  Thank you in advance for the patience as we grow continue our efforts to share our new digital tool and app platform!