New Builds, Tenant Finish & Remodels

Having a business can be fun an exciting!  The rush of start-up and getting all things right is a roller-coaster.  Let Bid My Vid help by connecting service providers to business owners that need service for existing and new locations or needs.

Be your own General Contractor

With Bid My Vid, acting as your own General Contractor has never been easier!  Order service from different service providers and stay in budget and on time while saving time!  If you know what you want, we can help you order the right services at the right time!

Find a General Contractor

If you want a hands off experience we can help you find the one-stop contractor that can handle your project top to bottom!  From as simple basement finish to a full custom home build, Bid My Vid can help connect the dots!  Sit back and let the work begin, without a worry!

Design, Shop and Dream!

Have not a clue what to do?  Bid My Vid can help you find the right interior designer that will help you choose the look and assemble all the moving pieces.  From fixture and swatch choices to fabric or accent pieces, having and interior designer help you will make ordering the real services much easier!

APP Download Coming Soon!

Effortlessly order services with the new Bid My Vid APP to save time and gain piece of mind!  You’ll be glad you did Bid My Vid!

APP Download Coming Soon!