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Home repairs done in one take!

lady shooting video for landscaping on Bid MY Vid

BidMyVid™ is devoted to developing digital tools that save TIME and make getting service SIMPLE!  If you can explain it in a video, you can get a FREE QUOTE.  It’s so easy to use, simply shoot and post from inside the APP and it keeps all your home repair projects organized and warranties* accessible!  Gone are the days of lost deposits to contractors who never started or finished the job; with BidMyVid™ funds are secure until your project is done!  

No need to take time off work and meet multiple times to get bids to compare when you can use our app to simply post a video request!

By using the BidMyVid™ APP you save time in scheduling different meetings with multiple service professionals.  It also allows service professionals to arrive more prepared.  This allows less driving for both you and the service professional while allowing you the ability to receive the service you were expecting!