Compare Repair Bids and Skip the WAIT!

Shoot a video and skip the
“2-HOUR Arrival Window”

Why WAIT for contractors to meet you for comparison bids on repairs and spring renovation projects?

  • Simply shoot a video saying what you need fixed.
  • Post it using the BidMyVid® APP!
  • Use your time for what you value most!
  • Review bids from local contractors without the high-pressure sales pitch.
  • Use leading-edge digital tools to qualify the contractor and choose the right match for the job!
  • Feel confident that your service and funds are guaranteed and secured!

No more waiting an average of 5 to 15 hours to compare 2-5 bids for a renovation project or repair cost.  With BidMyVid® it can take as little as 5 MINUTES!

We are a NEW SERVICE PLATFORM and we want to say THANK YOU!   As we continue efforts towards quality-conscience contractor on-boarding, we deeply appreciate your patience in getting your repairs taken care of! We continually work hard round the clock to ensure timely response to your repair request as well as create faster ways to connect to local repair contractors!

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Here are a few ways we GIVE TIME BACK!

Clients SAVE TIME!

  • Simply shoot a Video saying what you need fixed and skip the high-pressure sales game!
  • Compare BIDS for your project or repair on your time and skip the wait!
  • Choose a Contractor with the top Digital Vetting tools to ensure you’re making the right choice!
  • When your HAPPY so is everyone else; contractors and BidMyVid® receive funds when your satisfied!

Contractors SAVE TIME!

  • Arrive prepared! With Eyes-On-Site features through video!
  • Bid on repairs and projects without rolling a service truck!
  • Find new clients ready, willing and able to move forward with your services!
  • AUTOMATIC Payment ensures you wont waste time on collections a billing!

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*We ask for your patience as we continue signing up quality-conscious contractors looking to connect with new clients needing repair services.  As we continue these efforts, repair videos posted will receive responses in a faster rate.  Thank you in advance for the patience as we grow continue our efforts to share our new digital tool and app platform!