Business Repair Projects


Bid My Vid helps you find the service providers needed to handle any project large or small.  Save time and have piece of mind by using Bid My Vid! Click on any service below to learn more about how to shoot a video that will fetch service providers’ attention!

Artificial Turf Installers

Are you tired of ordering mowing services even though Bid My Vid makes it easy?  Not to worry, it gets even better because we can connect you to the top artificial turf installer and providers in your area.  Mow and sneeze no more, Bid My Vid will have someone at your door!

Faucet Repair Services

Shower faucet dripping?  Kitchen or bath faucet leaking?  Bid My Vid can connect you to handyman and plumbing services quickly.  Don’t lose sleep, gain time by using Bid My Vid to save your time and your sleep!

Lawn Mowing Services

Out of time for lawn and landscape care?  No problem!  Bid My Vid was designed for you to access the services that make life manageable.  Order 1-Time, weekly, monthly or annual services for your home or business and enjoy the nice view instead of working to make the view nice!

Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services are easy to order on Bid My Vid.  If you have a faucet that needs changing or your main sewer line is in disrepair, that is something you can easily address on Bid My Vid.

Toilet Repair Services

When your toilet is needing attention it is not something that can go unaddressed.  Bid My Vid helps connect service providers with you so your issues can be resolved fast.  Order services in minutes and have your toilet and sewer system back up and running in no time!

Electrical Wiring and Panel Upgrade Contractors

Don’t be SHOCKED!  Bid My Vid is NOT the place where you will get burned.  A simple way to order electrical repair services and keep within budget, on-time, and with piece of mind!  Get panel repair, replacement or panel upgrade quotes fast.  Electrical wiring needs are hit out of the park because Bid My Vid is a home run for all your electrical needs!

Pipe Plumbing Repairs

Whether you’re get your pipes cleaned, fix pipe leaks or replace your whole pipe system, Bid My Vid can connect you to local Pipe Plumbing Repair service providers to ease your worry and stop the leak!

Septic System Repair Contractors

Septic System Repair Contractors are easy to find on Bid My Vid.  Offer a chance for them to get eyes on site and be better equipt to handle your issues before they arrive!  Use Bid My Vid for Septic System Repairs and maintenance and ensure your system is never backed up!

Water Feature Designers

Does the sound of trickling water relax you?  Find top water feature designers on Bid My Vid.  It’s easy to do, shoot a video explaining what you want, attach a few pictures of sample work that you like and get bids from designers ready to get your project done!


Attic or Whole House Fan Repairers

Do you need an attic fan repair specialist?  Are you tired of the heat being sucked out of you instead of your house?  Use Bid My Vid to find the attic ninja that will make the repair look easy!

Bathoom Repair Services

If you have a bathroom you probably will need, currently need or have needed repair services.  Bid My Vid can keep you in close connection with the right plumber or sewer service that can address all your bathroom repair needs.

Emergency Plumbers!!!

OMG!  The ——  hit the fan…. or at least the floor.  Let Bid My Vid connect you to Emergency Plumbers in your area to get your pipes fixed in a snap; because that how long it took for the pipes to burst in the first place.  Bid My Vid, you’ll be glad you did!

Water Heater Repair Services

Use Bid My Vid to order water heater repair services.  Allow the service provider a chance to bid with eyes on site and be more prepared to handle the call once you choose them!  It’s easy to do and when your hot water is out, its’ a faster way to get it resolved!

Wiring Intstallers

Bid My Vid can connect you to electricians to install any wires you may need.  Wire installers are a common need, if you want a new light switch or maybe a whole new light, wire installers are easy to arrange on Bid My Vid!

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