How It Works

There is what you’ve known…
and there is what you NOW KNOW!

videos are the future!

BidMyVid was built not only to make a difference, but to be the difference.  

We feel that our construct of how this application works makes it expressly unique for many reasons.  So strongly that we have submitted and are “PATENT PENDING” for these solutions and designs.  Our logical steps and processes as professionals in the problem solving industry have allowed the simplest of solutions that create ease for all users.  

Now we NEED YOUR help and invite you to download BidMyVid so we can evolve with your feedback in mind!

How to submit a video for my project

For CLIENTS: Simply shoot videos saying what you need done as if the contractor was there with you.  Submit the video on the BidMyVid platform and bids from service contractors will be available for you to review at your availability.  No more 2-Hour arrival windows and taking time off work if you are a client needing repairs at your home or business.

  • Shoot and post a project video.
  • Get bids remotely. Skip the sales pitch!
  • Pick a contractor, secure your estimate.

For CONTRACTORS:  It’s easy to qualify jobs and save time, not to mention come more prepared.  Use BidMyVid to save you trips by giving you a wider view of what is needed. These are just a few of the values of time saving features created.  Made by Contractors for Contractors, we know we are better together!

  • Watch project videos.
  • Skip the drive, bid remotely.
  • Do the work. Get Paid.

EVERYBODY WINS:  As an avid community advocate of support and care, we are pleased to say we give back in ways that our community can see and feel!  As members of various community and professional association organizations, we are excited to support education and the development of leadership.  Furthermore, we care deeply about bettering our community and have partnered with foundations and organizations dedicated to improving our community and its resources.

Clients are rewarded

Why yes, we do have a gift for you to enjoy!

BidMyVid® Clients enjoy the value of saving time and gain peace of mind while doing so!  

We invite you to learn more!

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Stop the domino effect and use BidMyVid to save time and arrive more prepared!

for contractors

 Stop the domino effect of over paying for leads that have been over sold!

BidMyVid® Service Professionals have it easy with an eyes-on-site experience. We are proud to release this digital tool and it’s awaiting your use and feedback!

Our goal is to simplify your life and make your service business something  that doesn’t need service.

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a picture is with 1,000 words,
a video is priceless!

How to submit a video for my project

Simply shoot videos and say what you need when using BidMyVid!

skip the drive and the wait!

As a Contractor, saving time and fuel when it comes to estimate is huge; for clients waiting for the arrival of service professionals can waste time and fuel heading to the appointment.

eyes on-site, yes please!

With technology, why not take a video of what needs repair or installation? This helps contractors arrive more prepared, thereby saving trips to and from project sites; it also helps clients get “apples-to-apples” comparison bids that are closer scope of work without the high-pressure sales experience.

we invite you to join our community!

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